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why choice 14 ft trampoline?

2020/05/30 10:00
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The 14 ft trampoline is the best size for a large family or adult. They are spacious, safe and have a very high bounce. Trampoline is a good way to exercise, which can help you reduce stress and restore vitality after a long day.

Let's talk about why we chose the 14 ft trampoline and what we should pay attention to when we buy it.

why choice 14 ft trampoline

Choosing the right trampoline size for your family is confusing. If you want a trampoline that can accommodate many people to share at the same time, or a trampoline that can accommodate children (from their 5-year-old to teenagers), and you have enough space, then a 14 ft trampoline will be a good choice for family entertainment and leisure.

14 ft trampolines are known as "entertainers" mainly because they can be used by everyone in the family, from parents to children and even friends. Their larger size can be shared by multiple people with different sizes and weights. They are generally considered safer because there is enough bounce space. There is less risk of jumpers hitting each other and falling. If you have gymnasts in your family, this will be especially suitable.

Most importantly, a high-quality trampoline should have all the functions that will provide hours of entertainment for the entire family side by side, all of which are designed to ensure the safety of each trampoline player.

Some features should be kept in mind when buying a 14 ft trampoline. The frame shall be made of solid metal with smooth welding or joints. It shall also be adequately filled to provide additional protection. You should also consider choosing a 6-legged trampoline instead of a 4-legged one to increase stability, which is particularly important on larger trampolines.

If a spring based trampoline is selected, the spring should also be made of solid metal, with rust resistance and adequate filling.

If a spring free or spring free trampoline is selected, and the glass fiber rod is used instead of the metal spiral spring, it is better to make the jumping surface and the trampoline frame parallel to each other to provide better support and safety.

Please pay attention to the durable and comfortable jumping pad at any time. It must be dust-proof, moisture-proof and UV resistant to obtain better overall performance.

Always include safety guards when purchasing a 14 ft trampoline. It should be wrapped around the edge of the trampoline to absorb sudden impact without tearing or damage. Among all the accessories of trampoline, the most important is to have high quality safety fence.

Trampoline rain cover is optional, but it is highly recommended that you also buy it to protect it. If properly protected from different and extreme weather conditions, the life of trampoline can be greatly extended.