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batut trampoline for sale

2020/05/03 10:30
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No matter what investment is made in any era, the investment in Batut trampoline for sales is no exception, and the investment in Batut trampoline for sales is relatively high, but the rate of return is also high. In order to obtain a high rate of return, we should pay attention to the following points: 1 Site selection of Batut trampoline for sales site (to investigate the flow around the site and the situation of commercial center, buildings, etc., and the population that can be covered about 3 km around the site)

2. Positioning of investment site for Batut trampoline for sales (planning and design according to the targeted consumers) 3 Selection of manufacturers for Batut trampoline for sales: choose reliable Batut trampoline for sales manufacturers, mainly reflected in whether the equipment material and design playability have great attraction; and after-sales of Batut trampoline for sales, a reliable Batut trampoline for sales manufacturer also needs to do in place after-sales, which will save investors a lot of unnecessary troubles and losses. 4. Promotion and marketing of Batut trampoline for sales: in addition to the above points, a good marketing is also very important. Like many other industries, some make a lot of money but some don't make money and lose money, which is also related to personal marketing methods! No matter how to stand in the perspective of consumers to think about the problem, according to the current social development trend and promotion channels so as to accurately plan the marketing plan. 4. Professional services of Batut trampoline for sales: the staff in the venue need to do some professional training to guide consumers to play in a professional and enthusiastic way.

Trampoline burns your calories. Trampoline satisfies children's naughtiness and curiosity. Batut trampoline attracts more and more people. The cost recovery cycle of Batu trampoline sales is determined by the actual investment in the size of the venue and the operation level of the venue. Based on the current average situation of our pocket house customers, the cost can be recovered in about half a year to more than a year. For example, the investment cost of 1000 Ping Batut trampoline for sales is about 1 million yuan, and the monthly average income of Batut trampoline for sales is between 18W and 35W, The annual income is between 200W and 360W. (this data is the average data of pocket house customer venues, especially to remind you that the investment of Batut trampoline for sales is to pursue returns, which is the core that all investors must give priority to. You can't blindly invest in Batut trampoline for sales, do a good job in equipment safety maintenance and store operation. If you don't do a good job in operation, you can easily invest hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars Shuipiao, it is recommended that professional people do professional things. Batut trampoline  for sales is a good choice for you.