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Why the investment of small indoor trampoline is easy to operate

2020/06/18 08:58
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Large trampoline halls have fast investment recovery, but the threshold is high, the risk is high, and the location is not good, so the investment of small indoor trampoline becomes profitable. It can be opened in every corner of the city to prepare one million investment. It can be selected flexibly according to the flow of people, with many benefits.

First, the investment scale is small

A set of large-scale equipment often needs more than 100000 yuan, and there are rigid regulations on the floor height, load-bearing floor, sound insulation requirements, and fire prevention facilities, health and epidemic prevention must be complete, and approved by the city management department at all levels. Most of the investment in small indoor trampolines is micro equipment, which can be opened after several shops are rented for connection. A set of customized equipment is often only tens of thousands of yuan, and the overall investment is between 500000 yuan and 1 million yuan.

Second, flexible operation

Small indoor trampolines don't need too many projects, of course, they don't need too many people. Sometimes the husband and wife shop can be opened, which can be completed within two months from the project plan to the landing. If the location is wrong, you don't need to move in a big way. The equipment is small and the moving is smooth. You can reopen it at another address.

Third, small indoor trampolines have no requirements for auxiliary facilities

Due to the small site, the game risk will not be too high, which greatly saves the installation of auxiliary safety facilities. For example, if the height of the single trampoline is not high, the setting of the surrounding protective safety net will be omitted. Because the water and electricity requirements are not high, the auxiliary decoration of a large number of fire prevention facilities will be avoided.

Fourth, fast approval

Because many large-scale facilities have rigid local or national standards, which need to be approved at all levels, and will be inspected irregularly in the future, small-scale business places give full play to the flexibility of turning around when the ship is small, the business license is usually handled within a few days, and the fire inspection is also once.

Fifth, easy site selection

Large trampolines often need hundreds of square meters of business area and auxiliary area, while small indoor trampoline venues only need dozens of square meters, and street pavements or temporary outdoor places can be rented. Nowadays, every community basically has commercial facilities, as long as the landlord talks about renting, there is no phenomenon of insufficient area, unqualified floor height, etc., small indoor trampoline The operation time of the bed is also relatively short, which will not disturb the normal life and work of nearby residents, and there are few complaints.

Sixth, the recovery cost of small indoor trampoline is fast

According to the results of big data calculation, the average cost recovery time of large venues is one year and eight months, and that of small venues is only eight months. Although there is no large amount of input, the success rate is as high as 90%. For small investors, the operability is greatly increased.

Small indoor trampoline investment is profitable, but also brought the market surging, more and more people began to enter the industry, promoting the development of trampoline business.