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Which kind of trampoline has a good structure

2020/04/01 22:19
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There are many trampoline equipment in trampoline Park, including protective ring trampoline structure equipment and trampoline structure equipment with ladder type. In fact, from these many different equipment structures, you can find that no matter what kind of equipment is recognized by people, because the advantages are very huge. However, if you are a franchisee of trampoline Park, you must understand the advantages of trampoline equipment structure. Today, different types of equipment are arranged to bring you different trampoline structures.

1. Trampoline structure with protective ring
This kind of trampoline belongs to a relatively single type, including trampoline frame, protective frame, elastic net surface and protective fence. Of course, the elastic net is the main part of the trampoline, which is a net frame formed by a plurality of tensile spring hooks connected with the surrounding area; Its feature is that the perimeter of the bottom of the protective ring is about the same as that of the elastic net, which is combined with the elastic net, improving the strength of the top and bottom.
This kind of trampoline structure can effectively prevent players from accidentally inserting into the periphery of the elastic net in the process of playing, which leads to injuries, strengthens the safety of trampoline, simplifies the installation of common protective fence, makes the installation more convenient and convenient, and has advantages in energy saving and material saving.
2. Trampoline structure with ladder and handle
This kind of trampoline structure is composed of trampoline net surface and trampoline, which is characterized by a series of main projects such as slide, rock climbing, ball pool, dunk and so on. Most of them have ladders and handles on one side. In addition, the use structure of the body is very reasonable, and the idea is very clever. Players can easily climb onto the trampoline through the handrail or ladder on one side.
Many projects in trampoline park are inseparable from the support of ladders and handrails, which can ensure the safety of many more difficult projects, ensure the safety of players, and make players feel at ease.
This article introduces two kinds of trampoline equipment structures which are common in trampoline park. Their advantages are vividly displayed in trampoline park. In fact, trampoline investors who are good at discovery can also see that there are other types of trampoline structures in trampoline Museum, such as rope protection structure, which ensure the interest of venue equipment through external forces Improve the stickiness of users for equipment and enhance the actual operating revenue in the venue.