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What is the cost of indoor trampoline?

2020/05/14 10:00
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At present, the trampoline park has entered the hot investment stage. Many friends consult the investment budget of the trampoline park. Today, let's talk about the cost of investing in an indoor trampoline!

Cost of indoor trampoline venue

The venue is an important point in the investment of trampoline Park, and the venue cost also accounts for a large proportion in the investment, which includes:

1. Rent of indoor trampoline Venue: according to the venue location, generally speaking, the rent of first tier cities is much higher than that of second tier and third tier cities, but the crowd consumption level of first tier cities is also high, or this is also fast. The rent in the center of the city is higher than that in other places, but the traffic in the center of the city is large and the audience is large.

2. Indoor trampoline site decoration: according to the level of decoration, it is divided into hardcover, ordinary decoration and simple decoration, with different costs.

Equipment cost

When we invest in trampoline Park, the cost of equipment also accounts for a large proportion of the investment in the whole trampoline park.

1. Indoor trampoline and trampoline equipment: trampoline park includes many projects, and there are many equipment in it, including trampoline, dry snow slide, spider tower, devil slide, naughty castle, quality development, volcano climbing, slide and other equipment for adults and children of all ages.

2. Other indoor trampoline equipment: tables and chairs, wardrobe, cash collection system, monitoring system, etc.

Operation cost of indoor trampoline

In addition to the basic venues and equipment, the later operation is also a part of the investment in trampoline Park, including:

1. Salaries of indoor trampoline personnel: if trampoline Park wants to make a good profit, it must be operated reasonably and attentively, and it needs complete personnel. For example, professional guidance personnel, field service personnel, etc.

2. Promotion cost of indoor trampoline: if you want to attract customers in the early stage, you must advertise well to let more people know where there is such a fun trampoline hall. 3. Office expenses: water and electricity, property, maintenance, etc.

The above are some of the main costs of trampoline Park, as well as other costs such as equipment transportation, preliminary inspection, installation and maintenance.