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What factors should trampoline steel pipes pay attention to?

2020/04/13 10:00
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Many parents will use their free time to let their children play in the trampoline park, trampoline selection, to check the quality of trampoline, today I will talk about trampoline steel pipe inspection to pay attention to the factors, because it is a lot of people most easily overlooked.

First: the thickness of the steel tube is the premise to ensure the stability of the structure

Although many trampoline are now using a new type of steel, emphasize more lighter, but it is undeniable that the thickness of the steel tube still is one of the important factors, the absolute quality and some small manufacturers to cut corners in the humble position, the price of steel tube is very expensive, so make inspection on steel pipe in different position of the trampoline, avoid having the quality problem of the late management.

Second: the steel pipe manufacturer qualification certificate

Although trampoline from manufacturers of choose and buy, but not a trampoline manufacturer production capacity of steel tube, it is also from other manufacturer replenish onr's stock, thereby done assembling, so at the time of purchase, to trampoline manufacturer to produce steel pipe manufacturer qualification, check the qualification, reputation, and the main components of the steel tube and so on, especially the carbon content of steel pipe and some trace elements, even if the thickness is the same, the strength of the steel tube will have a larger difference.

Third: the certificate of steel pipe

Steel pipe at the time of the factory is equipped with certificate, namely pass inspection personnel inspection before issuing the certificate, it is the strongest defense, guarantee the quality of steel pipe may be most of the trampoline manufacturer not provide the content, so operators need to sign a contract before and trampoline manufacturer reasonable communication, and may, when necessary, subsidiary location specified in the contract, the which raw materials are need to provide certificates and valid certificates.

The importance of trampoline steel pipe we all know that one unqualified steel pipe may cause safety problems, so this knowledge should be understood in detail.