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What are trampoline manufacturers? How to choose a customization provider

2020/06/20 08:05
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More and more funds are invested in the trampoline field. As a service industry, this business has no capital and profits. One investment has many years of benefits. Moreover, the child is the treasure in the palm of the hand. Every family loves it very much. Parents are willing to spend money on their children. Every day, the trampoline park is full of people. As an investor, after renting the venue, they need to find a manufacturer to customize. So what are the trampoline manufacturers The right choice is needed.

First, how to choose a customization provider

Trampoline industry is very special, with national standards, industry standards, but also to measure the price level, the custom-made business has many years of experience and market reputation to ensure its safety, which trampoline manufacturers? You can find the answer through related social groups or forums.

Second, precautions before customization

The firmness and durability of trampoline are related to the profits of trampoline park. Investors should hold a high sense of responsibility and check every technical detail of the manufacturer. If it is a special site, such as a high-rise building in a large CBD, it is also necessary to ask the other party to survey and draw on the spot. The material structure of trampoline is special, and which PVC is used for every connecting buckle is very important On the one hand, we need to save costs, on the other hand, we need to ensure safety.

Third, the manufacturer is required to install

Most customized manufacturers are not in the local area, but in coastal provinces. The general purchase procedure is to draw plans, design drawings, transport them to the local area after production, and then find a construction team to install them. Although the structure is not complicated, but in line with a high sense of responsibility, we should ask the manufacturer to send someone to assist in the installation. If there are any production problems and defective products, they can ditch immediately Through solution.

Fourth, the conclusion of the contract

Before purchasing trampolines, you should ask for an electronic contract, know the details of each clause, and clearly stipulate the free maintenance period. Generally, trampolines customized by manufacturers can be maintained for free for three years. If the purchase price is high, or additional requirements of customers can be extended to five years.

Fifth, choose popular manufacturers

Whether the popularity in the industry is high enough or not is related to whether the manufacturer can complete the production task. Small manufacturers have no technical strength, and they are perfunctory in material use and production. Large manufacturers have brand awareness. In order to maintain their reputation, they will try their best to deliver on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. From the customization of trampoline to production, installation to use, it usually takes 10 days to a month. Whether they can complete the production task or not Delivery according to the contract is related to the economic interests of the ordering party. Due to the high cost of renting the site, one day's delay will result in one day's loss.

What are trampoline manufacturers? The answer can be found in relevant forums or social groups in the same industry. As the same circle, manufacturers will also look for potential customers, who have a good grasp of the market demand, and even can bring many sincere suggestions to investors. Generally, the annual limit for trampoline park to recover investment is about two and a half years. The investment in equipment in the early stage is actually small, while the maintenance cost in the later stage is about people Labor and site renting account for most of the total funds.