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What are the safety standards of trampoline park?

2020/05/25 09:46
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Trampoline park is closely related to the development of the market. It satisfies consumers with brand-new, safer and more comfortable game equipment, not only teaching but also entertainment. It's more play learning and one-way play guarantee for adults and children. Pay attention to the all-round development of children's morality, wisdom, body, beauty and labor, and focus on the way young people relax, entertain and relax. What are the standards for these games? What are the safety standards of trampoline park?

Safety insurance measures

The overall structure of the aerial operation project in trampoline park needs to be safe and firm, and relevant detection and protection measures should be taken for important parts in each equipment. The number of firm steel wire ropes or chains shall not be less than two for the part of hanging passengers.

Safety shackle                                                                      

In the normal operation of amusement equipment, players are likely to be forced to move and collide in the riding space, so the equipment with passengers must be bound. At the same time, two sets of binding devices in combination are required for amusement equipment with high risk coefficient.

Safety fence and platform safety precautions

The safety fence shall be set at each entrance and exit, and anti-skid measures shall be set at the platform. The safety fence needs to be in the same direction as the exit set up in the venue. In order to prevent certain injuries to the staff's hands when closing the door, a certain gap should be kept between the columns beside the door.

Other safety requirements

In trampoline Park, there must be safety signs in the conspicuous position. It should be in the form of prohibition sign, warning type sign, directive sign, warm prompt sign and so on. Where players can touch some sharp corners, such signs should be set up.

emergency measure

For trampoline park such a large area of play space, its security risks are actually greater. Therefore, for a standard trampoline hall, there must be two emergency exits, and they need to be transparent at all times. Secondly, in case of equipment safety problems in the venue, the store manager needs to evacuate all players in the venue in a timely manner, and can not cause injuries due to interests.

Trampoline Park safety standards from the above points of view, all the safety standards for the normal operation of the trampoline hall have a very big relationship. Therefore, as the investors and staff who do not understand the safety standards, they should supply the corresponding professional knowledge in time.