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What are the requirements of children's trampoline park

2020/08/19 08:14
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In recent years, more and more investors are interested in the operation of trampoline Park, especially the rise of children's consumption economy, which provides continuous power for the vigorous development of children's trampoline Park and becomes one of the children's favorite indoor sports places. Therefore, it is necessary to require the venue to obtain good income through indoor trampoline park. So what are the requirements of the general children's trampoline park for the venue?

First of all, the floor height of trampoline park

Generally, the height of indoor children's trampoline park is not less than 4 meters (there is no limit for children's trampoline Park). Many slide equipment can't be installed normally under 4 meters, which leads to poor playability of children's trampoline Park and affects the passenger flow of the park. If indoor climbing, devil's slide, children's high-altitude development project, high-altitude rotating slide and other floors are required, it is not recommended to do so Less than 5.5m. In this way, we can use rich and interesting amusement projects to improve children's attention and customer stickiness.

Secondly, spatial influence

Indoor trampoline park is a comprehensive children's play space including naughty castle. The space is not suitable to be too small. The general space of children's trampoline park is suggested to be 500 level upward, otherwise many trampoline park equipment can not be spread out, which reduces the playability of the venue.

If only for children's trampoline Park, the site is not too big requirements, generally 100 Ping can achieve a taotrampoline park game area, of course, the larger the game will be rich.

Furthermore, location requirements

According to the needs of safety, the children's trampoline park generally chooses one to three floors above the ground as the venue's business location. The underground space environment and safety are poor, and the space above the fourth floor has a long distance of safe passage. In view of the characteristics of children's playfulness and poor safety awareness, it is not suitable to operate children's trampoline Park in high-rise buildings.

Finally, fire protection requirements

Children's trampoline park is generally equipped with more than two emergency exits, one of which is a separate fire entrance and exit. The laying of electrical lines on the site meets the requirements of fire protection. When installing high-power electrical equipment, it is necessary to ensure that there is a sufficient distance from combustible materials. Children's trampoline Park internal reserve about 2 meters of fire and safety channels, in case of emergency, can be dealt with quickly.