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What are the recreational items in trampoline parks manufacturers china?

2020/07/22 08:17
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Combined trampoline, also known as super (large) trampoline manufacturers china, trampoline hall, trampoline Parks manufacturers china, trampoline theme park, rose in Europe and America. As a new type of entertainment sports, trampoline paradise has been favored by children and parents after it entered China.

After several years of rapid development of trampoline in China, its strength can not be underestimated. Trampoline theme parks with large scale and complete projects have sprung up one after another. So, what are the common trampoline events in trampoline parks manufacturers china?

Sticky Music: also known as Spiderman, players wear sticky clothes on the trampoline, like zombies, jump to the sticky wall, jump up and jump, "bar haw" on the wall, can't move, full of fun.

Bubble football: put on a round bubble suit, turn into a bloated "big fat man", and meet your teammates! You can meet your friendship, your unity and your best record!

Slam dunk master: become a slam dunk master and become the most handsome person! With trampoline crazy plus buff, dwarf can also easily dunk, incarnate Liuchuan Maple! Run up, take-off, dunk, momentum is not inferior to professional basketball players!

High bounce dodge ball: a test of reaction speed, to see whether you are hit by the ball or tripped by the elasticity first!

Sponge pool: it doesn't matter if you are tired. Why don't you rest in the soft sponge pool? Let's have a sponge battle with friends and see who wins in the end!

Fight the stick: stand on a log bridge and hit the opponent in the sponge pool under your feet, victory!!

Bungee jumping: jump directly from the high platform! Yes, there are enough sponge blocks waiting for you. When you get down, you will be submerged. See if there are any teammates rowing friendship boats to find you.

Brave man's big adventure: you think you hold the big elephant's leg, but you find that it's a sponge that is about to fall; when it comes to the moment, you grab the climbing frame and climb up like a monkey, but it's full of thorns and it's hard to move.

Seize the arena: it's time to test tacit understanding and cooperation spirit! Two teams seize the challenge arena to see which team has the most members when the final whistle rings! Strong enough, we must drive the enemy out of the challenge arena!

Rock climbing: there is a sponge pool under the rock climbing wall. It's a warrior to climb up, but it's more fun to fall down, because it's buried in a sponge and no one can be found. Ha ha ha

PANCA football: "billiards" can even be played with feet, which is the fun of 100% pANCA football! Use your foot as a club, aim at the white ball and hit the colored ball. It depends on your foot strength~

Spider Tower: exciting 5 stars, suitable for bold young people to try! The experience of falling down from high place one by one, adrenaline soars! Every time I think I was caught by the bandage, a new round of falling is coming! Until finally fall into the sponge pool, but also shout "too strong! "