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What are the materials used in children's trampoline in china amusement equipment?

2020/07/27 08:28
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Trampoline in china amusement equipment refers to the carrier used for operation target, running in the closed area and carrying tourists' amusement. With the development of science and the improvement of society, modern amusement equipment has fully applied advanced skills such as machinery, electricity, light, sound, water and power. Set common sense, interest, science, adventure in one, by the broad youth, children widely like. It plays an active role in enriching people's entertainment career, tempering people's physique, cultivating people's sentiment, uglifying urban environment, and playing equipment.

China's trampoline entertainment industry started relatively late, before the 1980s, modern large-scale trampoline amusement equipment in China is almost a blank. In the early 1980s, with the deepening of innovation and withering, the rapid development of people's economy, people's life and death level has been improving, and people's demand for recreational sports has become more and more prosperous. In this situation, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Wenzhou and other places first created a variety of outdoor amusement equipment, among which trampoline equipment, naughty castle, children's tabletop toys, etc. are developing most rapidly. Under the encouragement of national policies, various enterprises are developing rapidly, and their products are exported to foreign countries, which is called "the capital of teaching toys in China". With the development of amusement equipment industry, trampoline amusement equipment in China has been improved from design to production. There are more and more kinds of equipment, from rotary to sliding, from energy to no energy, from fixed to mobile, from ground to ground, from indoor to outdoor, from previous single type to comprehensive type. However, there is no national standard for it.

The advantages and disadvantages of different trampoline amusement equipment are different. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of a trampoline amusement equipment, first of all, we should know the material of this equipment. Let's talk about the materials of children's amusement equipment in general?

1. Metal materials. Rare metals are galvanized sheet and stainless steel. Its advantages are that it is reliable and durable, the surface can be lubricated, and it can also be used for sanding and anti-skid. The appearance is changeable and easy to assemble. If the defect is not processed well, it will emerge strong edges and corners, which will cause great harm to children's safety.

2. Rubber materials. It has the advantages of strong data plasticity, can shape a single variety of equipment parts, rich color, corner can be solved, according to the requirements of children's amusement equipment, smart assembly combination. At the same time, defects include not easy to recycle application, easy degumming or fading, etc.

3. Wooden materials. It has the advantages of natural non-toxic, low-cost raw materials, according to the requirements of children's amusement equipment dexterously assembled. The defect is that the life is shorter than that of other materials such as metals.

4. Plastic materials. Its advantage is that children are not easily injured when they are applied. At the same time, the rich colors of plastic materials will make children more easily attracted.