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What are the children's indoor trampoline park amusement equipment

2020/08/20 08:24
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Children's indoor trampoline park is a professional entertainment and educational service institution for children aged 1-10 years. Through some creative amusement equipment and ingenious use of sound, light, gas, water and color combination, the purpose of early education and exercise of children can be achieved. As it is aimed at some younger children, safety issues must be paid attention to, so the equipment in trampoline park is equipped Children's amusement equipment with higher safety factor will also be considered.

So what are the common indoor trampoline park amusement equipment? From the equipment characteristics, we can see whether there are power amusement trampoline park equipment, electric trampoline park amusement equipment, auxiliary trampoline park amusement equipment and educational amusement equipment.

No power trampoline park amusement equipment

As the name suggests, non powered amusement equipment refers to a kind of amusement equipment that does not need external driving. It mainly relies on children's drilling, climbing, sliding and jumping to explore and play. For example, children's naughty castle, ocean ball pool, children's slide, trampoline, rock climbing wall and so on. Such amusement equipment can provide children with space to exercise, enhance their balance ability and improve their balance ability The role of high physical fitness.

Electric trampoline park amusement equipment

Our common electric toys, this kind of amusement equipment is generally driven by electricity, the general venue equipment VR movies, electric racing cars, driving simulation school, video game machines and other equipment are driven by electricity, with novel forms of expression, rich and colorful, and children's attention is higher.

Auxiliary trampoline park amusement equipment

Generally used in no power trampoline park amusement equipment, rich scene and game experience of a class of amusement equipment. For example, VR projection, projection ball smashing, shooting games, jungle sniping, etc. are generally used as props or computing tools, which make the game experience without power equipment more rich and realistic.

Educational equipment for jumping through the park

This kind of trampoline amusement equipment is mainly for education, and more suitable for children, such as handcraft, small experiments, jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, etc., are used for children's enlightenment and early education.