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What's the profit of indoor trampoline company?

2020/08/03 08:38
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The joining of indoor trampoline company has gradually entered the period of development and outbreak. Now there is one or even several large-scale indoor trampoline halls in major cities in China, and this trend will gradually enlarge in the next two years. The main reason is that the customers who have invested in the indoor trampoline company are gradually increasing their investment, and their relatives and friends see that they have made money How to open a trampoline gymnasium at a relatively affordable price? Of course, it is more reliable to ask trampoline manufacturers to help you design and deploy.

Advantages of investment in indoor trampoline company

Many investors are worried that trampoline is very popular now. However, how long it can be popular depends on the characteristics of trampoline company.

Trampoline as a new type of children's amusement equipment, its cool performance, exciting jumping experience and wide age range (3-40 years old) are more and more popular.

Adhere to trampoline exercise is conducive to fitness and weight loss, but also can effectively release the backlog of work pressure within a week. But through the development, trampoline gradually developed into a popular sports, its essence is still inseparable from the characteristics of sports. A 50 minute trampoline can burn 900 calories, equivalent to three hours of jogging or two hours of dynamic cycling.

It can be imagined that these characteristics of trampoline can make our trampoline hall life hot forever. And with the continuous optimization of people's living habits, I believe that the future trampoline business will only get better and better.

Profit income from investment in indoor trampoline company

The fundamental purpose of any investment and entrepreneurship project is to make profits. What income will be obtained by investing in an indoor trampoline company?

In fact, for indoor trampoline hall, ticket income is only one of its many income types.

1. For example, membership card income, membership card can be divided into time card, sub card, monthly card, quarter card, half year card, annual card.

2. In addition, we can expand the profit channels of trampoline paradise by selling children's clothing, toys, children's books, snacks, drinks and other products, so as to obtain more benefits.

Investment in indoor trampoline company is not afraid that we have no business and no income. As long as you are willing to try, a lot of investment dividends are waiting for you to earn. According to the feedback from the market, the investment in indoor trampoline gymnasium can be recovered in about 4-8 months, and the profit can be realized within one year. It is considered to be a good project worthy of investment.

Of course, if you decide to do it, it is very important and necessary to choose a good trampoline equipment manufacturer for cooperation.