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Types and introduction of trampoline

2020/06/10 09:06
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Trampoline is a popular way of entertainment. In order to increase interest and enhance the participation of the masses, different trampoline projects have been derived in recent years. There are several types of trampoline.

1. Ordinary single trampoline

2. Super trampoline

3. Trampoline

First, ordinary single trampoline

Among all kinds of trampolines, this kind of equipment covers a small area, can be folded, weighs two to three hundred jin, and can carry a weight of 180 kg. It is suitable for children aged 6 to 8 to play. Its advantage is that it has no rigid requirements for the venue, can be arranged in the temporary venue, low single charge, low one-time purchase cost, less maintenance, but there is no group nature and can not interact with each other Move.

Second, super trampoline

In order to improve the disadvantages of single trampoline, manufacturers have made super trampoline. As the name implies, it covers a large area, has a large number of participants at one time, can compete in teams, and can do many actions, such as front somersault, back somersault or side somersault. It has a large bearing capacity, and can accommodate more than ten people at one time. At the same time, the game scene is full of laughter and laughter. Although the cost of this kind of equipment is high, game one The second charge is also high, the recovery of investment speed is fast, by the majority of investors love.

Third, bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a kind of high-risk sport, but it usually only appears in the outdoor expansion field. It requires a huge investment and a drop of hundreds of meters. Ordinary enterprises can't operate it. In this form, with the help of the trampoline, the manufacturer has launched the trampoline. This kind of equipment needs to be guarded by personnel. At the same time, safety ropes are needed over the field, and large-scale auxiliary facilities are needed underground to ensure safety, Compared with the super trampoline and bungee trampoline, the investment is larger and the income is higher. There is a specific customer group, not afraid of no business. However, it should be noted that due to the requirements of safety, the local supervision department will often check. If it is found that the equipment is damaged or someone is injured, it will often impose a huge fine.

Trampoline safety instructions

No matter what kind of trampoline has certain safety requirements, users are required to wear a full set of protective facilities, and the project management party can also provide multiple protections, for example, a barrier net should be set around the trampoline facilities, if it is an indoor trampoline hall, the ceiling should also be redecorated, and inflatable mats should be installed.

The above is the introduction of trampoline types. With the development of society, the tastes of game people are becoming more and more picky. In the future, more forms of trampoline entertainment will appear in front of people's eyes. The management of trampoline hall must be keen to keep up with the market situation, constantly eliminate the old equipment, purchase new equipment, and make customers feel fresh.