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Trampoline sport in trampoline Parks,The benefits of trampoline fitness

2020/04/29 10:00
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Trampoline park is an entertainment place for healthy and aerobic exercise, which is simple and easy to operate. Trampoline sport can achieve the calories consumed by jogging for half an hour in ten minutes, and the physical consumption is small, which has a very good effect on fitness, weight loss and beauty. Let's understand trampoline sport in trampoline Parkthe benefits of trampoline fitness.

Trampoline masks in trampoline parks have the characteristics of softness, instability and elasticity, which can protect people's limbs, especially joints. Therefore, doing trampoline sport on the fitness trampoline can mobilize more than 400 muscles of the human body, especially the abdominal muscles, and also reduce 80% of the impact of sports on the joint damage. Long term adherence to trampoline sport is conducive to promoting metabolism, improving and improving fat oxidation, preventing and reducing obesity symptoms, rapidly reducing fat, making weight loss no longer painful, and has a good shaping effect on hips, legs, waist and abdomen.

Trampoline sport in trampoline parks has six benefits for children:

  1. Trampoline sport in trampoline Parks increases height and muscle strength

Trampoline sports in trampoline park can mechanically stimulate children's bones, accelerate the growth of bones, and make children grow tall. In trampoline fitness at the same time exercise the muscle strength of children's body, effectively strengthen children's abdominal muscle, lumbar muscle, back muscle, limb support.

2. Trampoline sport in trampoline Parks promotes children's cardiopulmonary function and metabolism

Trampoline sport in trampoline parks can enhance the function of children's respiratory organs, and has a good effect on preventing common respiratory diseases; it can also accelerate blood circulation, enhance metabolism, promote heart muscle, strengthen heart contractility and load capacity, strengthen the function of children's organs while trampoline fitness, and make children healthy.

3. Trampoline sport in trampoline Parks enhances gastrointestinal peristalsis in children

At the same time, trampoline sport in trampoline Parks consumes several times more calories than other sports. The child will feel hungry faster than usual with faster digestion, which means that the stomach and intestines are accelerating peristalsis, appetite is increasing, nutrition absorption is more complete, and the child develops better at trampoline fitness. Children who are anorexic and refuse to eat need more exercise.

4. Trampoline sport in trampoline Park promotes the development of children's nervous system and body

The fitness trampoline can do all kinds of fancy movements, let children form a series of conditioned reflex training from disorder to gradually, let children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, establish a connection in the middle area of the brain, can train eye vision, ear hearing, brain thinking and judgment ability! Body movements become more sensitive and coordinated! Muscle development!

5. Prevention of disease by trampoline sport in trampoline Park

Human body can improve immunity through exercise, while children are always in exercise when they exercise on fitness trampoline. They feel the stimulation of external environment changes, have oxygen, accelerate blood circulation, and strengthen metabolism, so as to improve the body's immunity.

6. Trampoline sport in trampoline Park improves children's learning attention and confidence

When children play, they often pay attention to it. Playing and sports are combined on the fitness trampoline to make children more interested in sports. The trampoline sports in trampoline park can promote the communication of various cultures, enhance children's communication ability, improve children's team consciousness, improve children's willpower and reaction ability, and enhance children's self-confidence. Research shows that children's attention will be more focused, learning ability will be improved, and learning performance will also be improved.

Trampoline sport in trampoline park has four benefits for adults:

1. Trampoline sport in trampoline park to prevent or reduce obesity symptoms

Trampoline sport in trampoline park is a more calorie consuming exercise in most sports. 10 minutes of exercise is equivalent to half an hour of jogging. Long term exercise is helpful to promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, prevent and alleviate obesity symptoms, train muscle strength of the whole body, exercise endurance and improve body shape; it can make people feel happy, and happy mood will secrete a large number of happiness hormones, which has the effect of inhibiting appetite and burning fat.

2. The effect of trampoline sport in trampoline park on disease prevention and oxygen supplement

Trampoline sport in trampoline park is a very good aerobic exercise, which can improve the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Large scale trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, improve human immunity, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and reducing diseases. Due to the acceleration of metabolism and blood circulation, the waste and toxin accumulated in the body will be discharged from the body faster, and the skin will also be more shiny, elastic and better than before.

3. Trampoline sport in trampoline park to relieve fatigue and release pressure

Trampoline sport in trampoline parks can relieve fatigue, release life pressure, improve work efficiency, make people happy and happy. Put yourself into the day's work and study.

4. Trampoline sport in trampoline Parks promote communication and form team consciousness

Trampoline sport in trampoline park can promote the communication of various cultures, enhance the communication and self-confidence of teenagers, enhance the willpower and reaction ability of people, and improve and form a good sense of team for teenagers.