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Trampoline parks in china let you have fun and keep fit

2020/07/29 08:30
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The origin of trampoline is related to acrobatics. French acrobats are the first to use modern trampoline, and tran Poland is the founder of modern elastic trampoline. He uses hemp rope to weave a protective net to strengthen the safety of "flying trapeze in the air", and uses the elasticity of the net to throw the actors into the air to complete various movements.

As early as the middle of the 19th century, komanche Indians in North America used trampolines similar to today's competitions. Circus acrobats have used similar trampolines for at least 200 years. In the 1930s, American diving champion Nathan made a trampoline similar to today's to help him with his diving and flipping training. During the Second World War, the United States used trampoline to train pilots and pilots' positioning skills, and achieved good results. Since then, trampoline has gradually become a sport. Trampoline parks in china has been widely developed in recent years.

Trampoline parks in china domestic film material manufacturing tension and film inside and outside the pressure difference to form a shape of toys. Trampoline parks in china also known as inflatable castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline. The shape of the toy is formed by the tension of centrifugal fan and the pressure difference between inside and outside the film. It is made of PVC or plastic with mesh and other materials. It is made into some castle like shapes by using heat sealing machine and other equipment. Then the tension force of centrifugal fan and the air pressure difference inside and outside the film are used to form toys.

How to use trampoline parks in china

1. Take off the white cock before filling. After filling, make sure that the cock is inserted correctly and completely. Do not pull out the cock when using.

2. When children ride the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys, adults should take care of them.

3. To a certain time, the expansion of children's jumping animal series inflatable toys will slowly shrink. Be sure to refill and saturate before continuing to play.

4. Before playing with this toy, make sure there are no sharp objects or objects around or on the ground.

5. Children jump horse fitness toys suitable for a child to play. It is dangerous for two children to play together, so it is not recommended that two children play together.

6. When riding a children's Vaulting Horse inflatable toy, two small hands should hold its two ears. Standing on the toy or not grasping the ear is very dangerous, and we do not advocate it.

7. Avoid playing on uneven ground, steps or stairs. Don't play in a place with fire or beside an electric heater.

8. Don't use the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys as some kind of tool. They are only used for playing