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Trampoline outdoor in china, a new way of fitness and weight loss

2020/07/16 08:25
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Trampoline outdoor in china is a sport for young people originated from Europe and America. Most of trampoline parks in China are combined with children's paradise, which leads to a big misunderstanding: trampoline is for children to play. In fact, trampoline outdoor in china is more suitable for young adults to participate in the activities of trampoline park. They recall their childhood, exercise and release pressure in trampoline outdoor in china.

The original purpose of falling in love with trampoline is actually to lose weight. But with the more times you play in the dynamic space of the pocket room, you can feel more and more benefits of this sport. Now it is no longer just because of obesity that you need to come to the pocket room. Walking into the dynamic space of pocket house, trampoline park is no longer a simple hopping. Trampoline equipment is equipped with a lot of rich functional modules and complete safety measures. Wang Yongbao, founder of the pocket house brand, said: "there are professional trampoline area, dodge ball area, pattern dunk area, indoor rock climbing, ninja breakthrough and other functions in the pocket room. As you can see, our safety sign indicates that only one person is allowed to play on each jumping surface, and multiple people are on the same jumping surface because it is very easy to cause personal injury during sports. The basic balance jump, sitting and kneeling can be practiced on the trampoline, and the basic movements of the introduction of trampoline can be mastered. Dodgeball is suitable for many people to play together. We often organize customers to hold dodgeball competitions in groups. Adults and their children hit each other with balls on the trampoline. The winning party gives some small gifts in the pocket room, which deepens the parent-child relationship in the process of playing. In addition, we also have indoor rock climbing, rainbow climbing rope net climbing, ninja breakthrough and expansion. These projects are suitable for adults to play. Many parents and young people try to challenge them and set a good example for their babies, so that they can challenge themselves and become more confident. "

Talking about the current situation of trampoline in China, Wang Yongbao confidently said: "trampoline is a very popular way of sports in foreign countries. It is very popular and loved by adults and children. It has become one of the most daily sports methods of European and American people. We also occasionally have some foreigners nearby to play, they all have a certain trampoline sports foundation, can play some cool action. Trampoline in China has been rising only a few years, and there are not many stadiums with trampoline as the theme. Generally, they are not of the same scale as children's paradise. Many of them are relatively simple. Not only is the sports performance not well reflected, but also the safety is very poor. The immature conditions in all aspects make the broad masses of people who love trampoline feel helpless. However, in recent years, with the development and progress of professional trampoline manufacturers like our pocket house, the product quality and safety of trampoline park have been improved completely. Many parents just bring their children to play, and they don't participate in it. We have always been committed to breaking this traditional thinking and allowing more adults to participate in the sport. "

"Adults will come to trampoline. One is young people who love sports, especially extreme sports. You can see that from time to time, there are several gym coaches or people with sports foundation who come to train because they have sports foundation and dare to accept new and interesting sports. The second is to experience trampoline. Many people are curious about the experience of trampoline for the first time. The third is to carry out the activities of the Enterprise League building. About every month, there are companies to carry out the league construction. In addition to trampolines and ninjas, pocket houses can also hold birthday parties with various themes. It has become a popular way for many children in Wenzhou to have a group to play. In fact, we strongly recommend that adults also come to trampoline to exercise and prevent diseases. Because a large range of trampoline can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, so as to achieve the effect of preventing and reducing diseases

4. Benefits of trampoline outdoor in china

enhance the function of body movement system, promote growth and development promote bone development, assist absorption of calcium and other nutrients. Improve the range of motion, stability and flexibility of the whole body, prevent and reduce the probability of daily joint dislocation or fracture improve the body's coordination, symmetry, rhythm, balance and movement accuracy activate the functional level of nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system improve the skills of cardiovascular system and promote blood circulation Improve physical fitness, muscle explosive force and endurance, enhance muscle elasticity have a good impact on internal organs, can enhance the body's resistance to diseases, adapt to fast-paced life

Enhance the stability of human body's position sensor, enhance the sense of space and time and control