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Trampoline manufacturers tell you about trampoline design, process and details

2020/06/12 09:10
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Trampoline seems to be thin and simple in structure, but it can withstand huge impact force and experience hundreds of thousands of jumps without danger. Of course, it can not be separated from the support of new technology and new materials. The public is certainly curious about this, so today's trampoline manufacturers tell you the design and process of trampoline.

First, design stage

Trampoline manufacturers tell you that the design and process of trampoline are not simple at all. After the buyer puts forward the manufacturing requirements, there are often additional conditions. For example, the equipment must meet the requirements of the size of the site, and the bounce force cannot exceed the height of the floor and the ground. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to change the design, and needs to conduct repeated tests after manufacturing the samples.

Second, regulations to be followed

Trampoline is dangerous and brings great impact in sports. Can the equipment bear it? After years of development, the state has given clear safety standards. The external framework, structural load-bearing coefficient, elastic mesh expansion and service life are all standardized. No matter what the buyer requires, when the design is changed, the manufacturer must comply with the national regulations and meet both requirements The relevant regulations can be found on the official website of the quality supervision and Administration Bureau.

Third, test phase

As trampolines are all produced in batches, whether they meet the design requirements in practical application needs to be verified. The manufacturer has a testing department, and the professional test personnel can only give the answers after tens of thousands of jumps and stress calculations to produce the samples, and only those that meet the requirements can be produced.

Fourth, production preparation stage

If you have drawings, you need to purchase raw materials. The raw materials provided by different suppliers and the mechanical conditions of the materials you meet will be different. Therefore, you need to check all the raw materials one by one, and only those that meet the requirements can be purchased back.

Fifth, the final test

After mass production, the product must go through a quality inspection post before going out of the workshop to avoid the flow of defective products in the production process into the market. In addition, after being transported to the site for installation, the relevant national departments need to be on site for inspection, and only in accordance with the regulations can the business license be issued.

Trampoline manufacturers tell you that the design and process of trampoline is not simple at all. Repeated tests can be carried out at least 4-5 times, so as to ensure that there is no danger of using the product within the specified period of time. As a practitioner, he should also know the relevant regulations when he puts forward the purchase requirements.