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Trampoline Park Investment

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2020/05/12 10:00
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With the development of the Internet age, more and more people are searching for resources and information on the Internet. Many customers also have questions about the investment budget of children's amusement park and trampoline Park: how much does it cost to open a trampoline Park Museum? How much is the input cost? Because trampoline park is a custom-made park for every customer after actual inspection. Each house is different from each other in terms of situation and cost.

1 Social background of trampoline Park

With the implementation of the national two child policy, the number of people increased by several million every year. With the development of economic level and the continuous improvement of living standards, modern families are willing to spend money on their children's education. Children's consumption accounts for more than 33% of the total household consumption.

This makes a huge business opportunity for children's play industry.

2 Trampoline park industry background

Trampoline originated in European and American countries and developed into a sport. With the successful holding of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, trampoline began to attract the attention of the domestic public, and the rapid development of trampoline began to grow everywhere in China in recent years. The industry is developing rapidly. Trampoline project ushered in the golden time of rapid development. It's really a promising entertainment project. However, in any case, the development of trampoline park is also a problem that every investor should pay attention to: the premise is: there is a venue! There's money! Ready!

3 Budget analysis on investment cost of trampoline Park

 Trampoline Park venue rent

The cost of rent also accounts for a large proportion in the operation of the whole trampoline park. On the basis of considering the flow of people, try to choose places with low rent and property cost.

In fact, the venue rent is determined according to the actual situation of the city. The second and third tier cities are cheaper than the first tier cities

 Trampoline park cost

When the location of trampoline hall is ready, it's just a matter of decoration. The decoration of trampoline venues is the same as that of their own houses. There are not only high-end and atmospheric decoration styles, but also ordinary decoration. Therefore, the decoration of trampoline venue needs to be based on its own budget and trampoline style to determine the cost.

It should be noted that children's visual experience and play experience must be satisfied. You can also create your own unique style of trampoline hall.

Trampoline park equipment

Trampoline includes steel frame structure, trampoline surface, spring, soft bag, corridor fence, etc. the price of trampoline park is about 300-500 yuan / square meter. If mischievous castle, ninja crossing, children climbing, dunk, devil slide and other functions are added to enrich the playability of the park, the comprehensive average price is about 550-800 yuan / square meter according to the specific design scheme.

The 300 square meter venue can use 200 square meters to place playable amusement equipment, and the rest can be used as a passageway and parents' rest area or children's toy sales area, so as to obtain the additional revenue of trampoline park.

Operation cost of trampoline Park

Cost of staff in trampoline park. Trampoline park is generally based on its area and flow of people to configure the number of people. Trampoline park is generally based on its area and flow of people to configure the number of people.

Trampoline Park in the normal cost of water and electricity, some also need to promote marketing fees and other comprehensive costs.

Conclusion: the investment in trampoline park is to pursue high return, which is also the core point of all trampoline Park project investors. Hope you can plan your own project investment preparation reasonably!