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Trampoline Accessories

2020/05/09 10:00
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In the selection of trampoline products, not only the attraction of the equipment, but also the life span and the selection of trampoline accessories, which affects the actual production proportion of trampoline park. Therefore, it is important to know more about trampoline accessories.

Trampoline accessories include:

Trampoline accessories trampoline steel frame: in a trampoline Park, it needs to be found carefully before you can see the trampoline steel frame, because generally, in order to fix the trampoline surface, you will choose such a high-quality steel frame, but at the same time, for the sake of everyone's safety, you will pack a soft bag around the steel frame, and the general service life is about 8 years.

Trampoline accessories trampoline upholstery: upholstery is to avoid direct collision between players and trampoline shelves. Generally speaking, the material of trampoline upholstery is PVC skin and pearl cotton, which has a very important impact on players' safety. The life span of PVC leather is about 3 years.

Trampoline accessories trampoline surface: the common part of trampoline surface is made of PP material, whose color is blue, black and yellow. This kind of trampoline surface can well carry players' assistance in completing various trampoline jumps. But the bearing capacity of the trampoline surface is dynamic and static. Generally, the static pressure is 600 Jin, while the dynamic pressure is 260 Jin. The life span of standard trampoline surface can reach 5 years, but the life span of non-standard trampoline surface is only about 3 years.

Trampoline accessories spring: each trampoline surface contains 14 springs, which are made of 80 × manganese steel, while the professional trampoline has 116 springs. The specifications of the two springs are different. The stretching life of the spring made of sponge material is 300000 times. This kind of sponge needs to depend on the use of players.

Now that we know the material of the components of these trampoline accessories, most of the operators want to know a more professional maintenance manual of trampoline accessories. According to the characteristics of each kind of trampoline accessories, a strict plan has been made, but because the materials of each trampoline accessories will be damaged differently due to the basic conditions of use in the venue. Therefore, the best maintenance and inspection method is to clean the trampoline accessories regularly. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality change of trampoline accessories at all times. If faced with equipment quality problems should contact trampoline manufacturers to make timely improvements!