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The investment of indoor trampoline must pay attention to the following problems

2020/05/11 10:00
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If you want to get a good income in the investment of indoor trampoline, you must pay attention to the relevant factors in the investment process. There is a big difference between the large trampoline hall and the traditional project. First, this kind of project has a large area and requires a lot of cost investment. If it is not strictly controlled, the subsequent operation will be a problem.

Secondly, the indoor trampoline needs a lot of entertainment equipment. How to purchase and through which channels are the questions investors need to consider. Let's analyze and answer them.

First of all, the investment of indoor trampoline must be strictly controlled. If it's just an indoor trampoline with a general area, the cost is not very much. 50000 to 100000 yuan is enough. However, because of its large area, the indoor trampoline needs more entertainment equipment, and the follow-up personnel management is more complex, which will lead to more investment costs in the early stage.

Generally speaking, indoor trampolines are more than 200 square meters, and the cost is about 100000 to 150000. If it's in the third and fourth tier cities, the cost is not high. You can choose an area with large flow of people to operate, and the rent can also be controlled. But if it is in the first tier cities, the rent alone will reach 100000 yuan per year.

This undoubtedly makes a lot of investors feel pressure, but it is not a difficult problem to solve. Investors need to make careful calculations in the equipment purchase to ensure that the equipment purchased is highly cost-effective. Of course, the later management and operation are also important. Only by controlling all aspects and details can we control the total investment cost of indoor trampoline. So, how to control these details?

At present, the best way is to cooperate with professional manufacturers, which is the best channel at present. Generally speaking, manufacturers can help investors to measure and make decisions on the project, analyze the risk of the project and the future profitability. Of course, they can also provide a series of cost-effective products and equipment, which are what investors need most.

Therefore, the investment in indoor trampoline does not need too much pressure, but if the work can be done well in the early stage and the infrastructure can be put in place, then the profit in the later stage is far greater than the current cost. What's more, the subsequent sustainable profits will be extremely considerable.