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The advantages of children playing trampoline and why it is worth advocating

2020/06/13 09:13
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Young children are more active and interested in all new things. Trampoline is naturally the favorite of these dolls. Parents are also more open-minded and willing to meet their children's needs. Then, what are the benefits of children playing trampoline.

First, brain development

The brain needs sufficient support to be able to develop. Trampoline increases the beating of the heart in the process of jumping, and continuously transports the nutrients in the blood to the brain. In addition to the physiological phenomenon of red face and red ears, the development of the brain is also imperceptibly moving. Children with strong flexibility are often more active and responsive, which is the result of the full development of the brain

Second, improve muscle coordination

In particular, the calf muscles have been exercised in the continuous jumping. In addition, the bones wrapped by muscles also need constant consumption of calcium and acceleration of metabolism. Children playing trampoline more often can not only strengthen their bones, but also grow tall. Children who like playing trampoline tend to have good coordination and beautiful movements.

Third, improve the ability of empathy

In fact, trampoline training can bring good emotional ability, and avoid hyperactivity or inattention of children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Fourth, pass the time

Around many shopping malls and supermarkets, the reason why a large number of trampolines are set up is mainly to avoid children's interference in the process of shopping for adults. As long as they have a place to play, adults will temporarily open their hands and feet to shopping. This is naturally a smart calculation of businesses, but children also enjoy it. Interesting things can always attract people to spend a lot of time indulging in it Among them.

Fifth, increase parent-child relationship

To meet a little wish of children, children will love their parents more. This kind of low-cost investment is really cost-effective, so many parents take their children to play trampoline in person, and have a trampoline jump every three or five days. Parents will be very happy with their children around.

What are the advantages of children playing trampoline? Obviously, in addition to the above list, there are more benefits. From physical development to mind, it can comprehensively improve the feelings of children, which can not be replaced by other sports. The peak of trampoline business provides a huge business opportunity and feeds many employed people in the industry.