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Structure of trampoline equipment

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2020/04/03 15:56
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The trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment like a bed surface made of bouncing surface for people to bounce for entertainment. Let's learn about two types of trampoline structures.
1. Structure of trampoline with protective enclosure:
It includes: a trampoline frame, an elastic net, a protective frame and a protective 
enclosure, wherein the elastic net is hung on the net frame of the trampoline frame through a plurality of tensile springs connected around the periphery to form the main part of the trampoline. The perimeter is approximately the same as the perimeter of the elastic net, and is integrated with the perimeter of the elastic net. The top and bottom edges of the protective enclosure are made of elastic materials to increase the strength of the top and bottom edges. Use a hanging ring to install the protective ring. The advantage is that it can prevent the jumper from accidentally inserting into the tension spring outside the periphery of the elastic net, making the trampoline safer, and at the same time greatly simplifying the installation of the protective enclosure, making its installation very convenient and fast,and saving materials and reducing costs.
2. Trampoline structure with ladder and handle:
It is mainly composed of a jump net and a body. Its characteristics are: a ladder and a handle are provided on one side of the body. The utility model has reasonable structure and ingenious concept, and the user can easily climb on the net-trapping trampoline of the jumping net through the climbing ladder and the pull handle provided on one side of the body, which has the promotion value.