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Springless trampoline

2020/05/05 10:00
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Do you know springless trampoline? When it comes to trampolines, it's natural for people to think of the kind of spring trampolines they used to jump in when they were children. On the spring trampoline, children can enjoy the incomparable joy of jumping, but they also face the huge risk of injury.

According to the official statistics report of national electronic injury monitoring system (Niess), 83% of trampoline related accidents every year are caused by the design safety problems of trampoline equipment. According to the report: "the impact (head injury standard HIC) calculation based on the trampoline impact level industry standard, if the child's head falls from 1.5 meters to the frame around the traditional spring trampoline, the injury probability is 99%. The "safety feature" of a spring or solid frame filler in a traditional spring trampoline does not change the injury rating derived from statistics. " This shows the universality, high probability and danger of accidents caused by traditional spring trampoline!

The technical difficulty of a really good trampoline is far more complicated than what we see. The most important thing in its design is to ensure the safety of the jumpers. Safety is the most important consideration in choosing trampoline. At present,  springless trampoline are popular in Europe and America. The safety feature of this springless trampoline is that there is no hard metal object in the place where the body of the jumper can touch, so it is called the safest trampoline in the world.

Springless trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment which is made of PVC net cloth with elastic surface for children's trampoline entertainment. This material is usually able to withstand very large instantaneous pressure, while providing enough reaction force to bounce people up. Trampoline exercise can exercise children's limbs and increase muscle strength.

The maintenance of springless trampoline should be as follows:

1. Clean the sundries on the springless trampoline every day to prevent children from being hurt by hard objects.

2. Check the connection of springless trampoline frequently for looseness. In case of looseness, inform the manufacturer to repair or reinforce it by yourself in time to ensure its normal use

3. Regularly check whether the springless trampoline surface is damaged, and replace it immediately if it is damaged;

4. Regularly clean the springless trampoline surface. The treatment method can be wiped with a vacuum cleaner or a wet towel and then dried. If it is dirty for a long time, you can directly lay things on the bottom and wash them on the top.