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Six advantages of trampoline fitness

2020/04/18 10:00
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In the United States, trampoline is a very common way of sports. It is very popular and loved by adults and children. It has long been one of the sports in people's daily life. Trampoline fitness has 6 advantages, which are introduced as follows:

1. Reducing fat and shaping, refusing to be fat

Trampoline is a better way to burn calories than jogging. Because in trampolines, which are unstable surfaces, the body mobilizes all core muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise is conducive to promoting metabolism, improving fat oxidation, preventing obesity and other symptoms.

2. Strengthen the body and prevent diseases

Large scale trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, so as to prevent and reduce diseases, such as reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, preventing kidney stones, enhancing cardiopulmonary function, balancing blood pressure, improving body coordination, helping sleep, etc. Bounce regularly to help regulate the body, especially the stomach, back and legs.

3. Aerobic exercise, healthy future

Trampoline exercise is also a good aerobic exercise, which can promote blood circulation, enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, improve human immunity, reduce the probability of cold and fever.

4, beauty

At the highest point of the bounce, each cell is in a state of weightlessness for a moment; at the bottom of the bounce, each cell is receiving up to 2-4 times normal gravity in your body. This reaction forces the cells to strengthen. So from the outside, your skin will become smooth and tight, so you will look younger.

5. Stronger bones

When astronauts keep weightlessness for a long time, muscles will shrink rapidly and bone density is low. On the contrary, when gravity increases, bone density and muscle strength increase.

6. Fun is not tiring.

Compared with jogging, trampoline is fun and doesn't feel tired at the same time. In the jumping, he shouted loudly. He was sweating all over again and again. He was very cool and released the pressure of work and life.