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Regular cleaning of trampoline can improve the service life of trampoline accessories company

2020/07/23 08:21
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The maintenance work of trampoline accessories company should regularly observe and detect the key parts and replace the relevant parts, which helps to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by the long-term use of trampoline accessories company. In addition, regular cleaning can also help to look beautiful.

How to clean trampoline accessories company

1. Wet towel can be wiped: if there is a stain need cleaning solution, generally use no bubble, towel need to be wrung dry to scrub, disinfection: can consider using ultraviolet radiation.

2. The bottom of trampoline steel frame should not be stacked with sundries.

3. Replace the parts regularly (repair and replace the parts in case of any abnormality)

4. Customers are not allowed to play with hardware and sharp objects (such as keys, etc.) when entering the site

5. Trampoline manufacturers recommend that parts of parts should be kept in stock (such as trampoline and spring)

General disinfection measures for some amusement projects

When cleaning, you can use 84 disinfectant, VELUX disinfectant, soapy water and disinfectant washing powder.

Before use, it must be diluted and cleaned, and the configuration should be made according to the proportion in the manual to avoid poisoning. Then, wipe it with a cloth. You can also use a sprinkling pot or disinfectant water to dilute it and spray it to wipe it. The important thing to pay attention to is that it will be more safe to play after a period of time after disinfection.

You can also buy ultraviolet disinfection lamp for sterilization. In the trampoline Park obvious position, hang disinfection record board, let parents rest assured.

The above disinfection and cleaning methods are suitable for naughty castle, quality development, EPP building blocks, wooden blocks, plastic blocks, sliding ropes, dry snow slide, safety fence, rock climbing wall, ninja road and other game projects.

How to disinfect and clean sponge pool trampoline?

Sponge block is generally vulnerable and consumable, and it is troublesome to clean it. It is not recommended to clean it. It can be replaced according to the situation. It is suggested that the sponge pool can be maintained and disinfected. The specific measures are as follows:

1. Keep the venue clean and reduce the dust pollution on the sponge block.

2. Pay attention to ventilation, moist air may induce sponge block mildew. (black sponge blocks can be placed on the bottom layer, and sponge blocks of different colors can be placed on the top)

3. Large and dusty decoration should be avoided as far as possible. If not, please cover and protect the sponge pool.

4. Please turn off ventilation when outdoor weather pollution is serious to avoid outdoor dust pollution.

5. Do a good job of supervision, all personnel entering the park must wear socks, and shoes are strictly prohibited.

6. The cleaners need to clean the whole venue once a day.

7. It is forbidden to bring water and other liquids into the park. Please dry the sponge ball pool in time if it is found that there is moisture and water in the sponge ball pool.

8. The bottom of the sponge pool should be cleaned regularly, and disinfected by spraying disinfectant regularly.