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Reasons for price difference of children's trampoline Park

2020/08/17 08:06
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When customers consult the price of children's trampoline Park online, they will find that the price of children's trampoline park will be very different. Today, we will analyze the reasons for the price difference of children's trampoline park. Different prices are bound to be different costs. As long as we analyze the material selection, production process, factory expenditure and production efficiency, we can draw a conclusion.

On the reasons for the price difference of children's trampoline Park

First of all, the quality of the products selected by each trampoline manufacturer is different, which leads to great differences in the price of trampoline. A good trampoline manufacturer, the children's toys produced by some strict quality assurance materials, the cost of these materials will be greatly increased, so the price of production equipment is obviously higher.

Second, the cost of factory production determines the price of naughty fort. The production cost of naughty Fort equipment includes raw materials, equipment loss, labor cost, production efficiency, etc. There is no doubt that the production efficiency will be very high, and the production cost will also be reduced. Of course, the main factor is the operation of labor and equipment, which involves the production process of the product. The same time cost, because of the different process, the cost is also different.

On the price difference of children's naughty castle

Third, the overall size of the company determines the cost of naughty castle. The scale of the equipment manufacturers of children's naughty castle is different, so are the factory rents, workers' wages and daily expenses. Large children's entertainment equipment manufacturers have large space, large power consumption, large number of workers, and the cost is definitely higher than that of small manufacturers. Where do these expenses come from? These costs must also be included in the price of entertainment equipment. If the price of the product is very high, the sales will increase.

Fourth, after sales is also an important factor in the price difference of children's naughty castle. Large manufacturers should consider the long-term interests, and the after-sales service of the products will be very perfect. There will be part of the maintenance budget in the quotation. Some equipment manufacturers can offer a little lower price regardless of after-sales service.

On the price difference of children's naughty castle

In a word, when buying children's naughty castle, we should not only look at the superficial price, but also choose the suitable equipment according to various factors, conduct field investigation and then make a choice.