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Purchase and collocation of indoor trampoline park equipment

2020/08/21 08:32
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Indoor trampoline park equipment is designed for children's hobbies and nature, so that children can grow up happily in play. Today's indoor trampoline Park in the market can be said to be a fire, in shopping malls, supermarkets, areas with large flow of people can basically see their figure.

As the core of children's playground, indoor trampoline park equipment is related to the success or failure of children's trampoline Park operation. Therefore, when investors decide to invest in this field, they must carefully consider the matching of indoor trampoline park equipment.

So when we choose and buy equipment, we should judge what kind of trampoline park is suitable for?

The most important point of choosing indoor trampoline park equipment is the positioning of the audience. At the beginning of the establishment of trampoline Park, we should have a clear analysis of our product audience.

Now the market is generally divided into large and medium-sized children and combined model.

Shopping and matching of trampoline park equipment for children aged 1-3

Children's trampoline park for 1-3 years old children are generally younger, children's safety awareness, self-protection ability, parents' attention, the cleanliness of equipment, are the factors influencing the purchase and matching of indoor trampoline park equipment.

The equipment selection of children's trampoline Park in this age area is generally safe and safe. There are no great requirements on the playing method and theme of the equipment. Therefore, in terms of equipment selection, I recommend that you choose children's slide with ocean ball pool, or beach park with some soft toys, which not only ensures the safety of children playing in the trampoline Park, but also is extremely easy Disinfection and cleaning, the price is also more appropriate.

For 4-6-year-old children's trampoline park to buy and match children's toys

The children of this age group have a certain ability to distinguish between right and wrong and self-protection consciousness, and have their own initial judgment on their own preferences and characteristics. Moreover, children in this period have a more exploratory psychology, and the demand for amusement equipment in trampoline park has also improved to a certain extent.

For trampoline park equipment, of course, safety is the first factor. This choice makes parents feel more at ease, but different from the protection of 1-3-year-old children, some soft bag equipment, soft rubber mat protection and rope net protection can ensure the relatively safe effect.

On the general market, 4-6-year-old children's trampoline park equipment mainly consists of a variety of relatively safe land expansion equipment, such as slide, climbing wall, single wooden bridge, drill barrel, etc., with a variety of thematic environment, which not only has a certain exploration, but also is quite interesting and playable, and has the feeling of immersing oneself in different scenes.

For 6-12 years old children trampoline Park toys shopping and matching

When the customer group is positioned as big children, the factors we need to consider are shifted from safety centered to playing method, which is not to say that safety is not important. However, for small and medium-sized children, their self-protection and safety awareness have been greatly improved, and they will pay more attention to the game experience and playing methods.

In the indoor trampoline park equipment selection and collocation, we should first of all in ensuring safety at the same time to consider the attractiveness of the equipment to children. With the continuous development of science and technology, children's demand for games is also higher and higher. Without a reasonable equipment collocation, they can't attract their attention.

They have a stronger desire to explore and challenge. In the design of game difficulty, we should carry out reasonable design and collocation. In the market, the theme park is mainly used to increase the sense of reality of space. There are also some sports space for children, such as comprehensive sports park, expansion Park, and some venues increase interaction Projection, enhance children's sense of participation and satisfaction in the game.