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Problems in fitness trampoline for sale

2020/05/16 22:30
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Fitness trampoline is more and more popular, and more and more people buy it. Today, I will discuss with you the problems in fitness trampoline for sale

Fitness trampoline for sale should pay attention to the following aspects

1 Structure of fitness trampoline for sale

The structure of fitness trampoline looks simple: a set of metal bracket, then connect the "bed surface" and "bed frame" with spring, and a trampoline is born.

2 Size of fitness trampoline for sale

In the family trampoline, the smaller one is only about 1 meter in diameter (take the round trampoline as an example), and the diameter of the jumping area (excluding the area where the spring is installed) is generally about 80 cm. The relatively large trampoline has a diameter of 1.5 meters and a jumping area of about 1.3 meters.

If it's used by adults, the overall diameter is generally about 1 meter; if it's used for children's play, the larger trampoline is safer and more fun.

3 Style of fitnes trampoline for sale

According to the different styles,fitness trampolines are divided into circular, polygonal, rectangular and other shapes, most of which are circular and polygonal.

4 Configuration of fitness trampoline for sale

Some fitness trampolines for adults are also equipped with handrails, which can be grasped during jumping to maintain balance. The trampoline used for children is mostly equipped with a protective net. A pole is installed on the pole of the protective net to ensure that children will not fall or bump when jumping on the trampoline. Some brands of children's trampolines have also set up baskets, swings and other facilities, to a certain extent, increasing the playability.

5 Folding function of fitness trampoline for sale

Some trampoline products are foldable and can be folded up for storage when they are not used for a long time to save space. However, many trampolines do not support folding function (especially children's trampolines), so they must be disassembled before being stored.

6 Bearing capacity of fitness trampoline for sale

In the process of jumping, the trampoline has to bear more pressure, so the bearing capacity of trampoline can not be ignored. Some trampolines have a maximum bearing capacity of only about 80kg, while others have a maximum bearing capacity of more than 150kg. The trampoline with less load-bearing capacity is only suitable for children or light weight adults, otherwise, it is not only unsafe, but also the experience will be greatly reduced.