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Operation elements of trampoline Parks

2020/05/07 10:00
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Trampoline park opened

The opening of trampoline park is the first step to improve the popularity of trampoline Park, and it is also a good time to gather popularity. We must effectively convey the store information of trampoline parks at this time, so as not to miss the opportunity to attract more people to consume and show the good image of trampoline parks. Therefore, in the preparations for the opening of trampoline Parks, we should try our best to publicize the basic situation of trampoline park to local customers, such as opening time, opening discounts, opening activities, etc., and increase the publicity efforts, so as to achieve the best effect known to all, and lay a good foundation for the future operation and development of trampoline parks.

Location of trampoline Parks

Trampoline Park, although a form of park, has more functions and a wider audience, not only children's patents, adults are also a large audience of trampoline parks. Therefore, we should position our trampoline Park and determine the target customers.

If trampoline park is more for children of 0-12 years old, you can choose the equipment suitable for most children to play as much as possible, or divide different playing areas according to age, so that the service of trampoline parks can cover children of different ages. At the same time, add some interesting small projects for children's trampoline projects, and increase the attraction of trampoline hall to children.

For the adult population, it is more for relaxation or fitness exercise, which can provide different difficulty trampoline projects for the adult population. Adult trampoline needs more space, so it's best to divide different areas for adults and children to improve the experience. The jumping cube is customized according to the location of the venue.

Holiday promotion

Generally, the business of trampoline park is the most popular time for students to have winter, summer and holiday holidays. For example, family entertainment programs such as "family mobilization" can be held in "June 1" trampoline park to promote family feelings and feel the warmth of the home, so as to have a good feeling and sense of belonging to the trampoline parks. Trampoline parks can open up a variety of functional areas to meet the needs of more age groups. In addition, during the winter and summer vacation of 1-2 months, it is suggested to build a "happy learning" image for trampoline Parks, to create a palace for children to eat, drink, play, enjoy and learn, and to give students preferential prices, so that parents are more willing and more assured to take their children to play in trampoline parks.

Trampoline parks environment

About trampoline parks environment, strive to create a new and unique design of the park environment. Personalized decoration, fashionable and cool play equipment, and clear and prominent themes are all bonus items of trampoline Parks in large shopping centers, which can attract customers to enter the consumption. The safety, health and equipment quality of the site are also important factors. In addition, children's music and songs can be inserted in different periods to create a good atmosphere. Comfortable and pleasant environment is the key to improve customer experience and retain customers. The unique properties of trampoline parks make it better managed than ordinary amusement equipment.

Humanized service

Learn to impress customers with thoughtful service. Trampoline parks service is one of the most effective means to conquer customers. Different service quality gives customers different experience and creates more added value. The intention of service has a direct impact on the experience of customers and the reputation of the park. It is a common way to retain customers and achieve long-term profitability to hold rich and interesting theme activities and unique signboard projects from time to time; it is a common way to attract customers to actively handle cards. The operators of trampoline hall shall conduct regular training for the employees in the shop, including the study of the rules and regulations of trampoline hall, the attitude of customers, the process of customers entering the park, and the guide game, so that each employee can have professional knowledge and technology, and improve the ability of Park employees, so as to provide customers with better service.

Groups not to be ignored

Parents are easy to be ignored but can not be ignored. Children's consumption is determined by their parents, so the trampoline parks to be built and operated should not only be loved by children, but also be recognized by their parents. So, how can we get parents' approval?

1. Increase parents' Participation

Trampoline park is developed in the three directions of "communication", "interaction" and "participation". Can satisfy the family's entertainment and consumption in an all-round way.

2. Meet parents' consumption needs

Children are the main service objects of trampoline Parks, while parents are responsible for paying the bill. To some extent, parents are more important than children. Because taking children to trampoline Parks, the main decision is the parents, so to meet the parents' consumption demand is a key point for making the trampoline Park sustainable profit.