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Notes on trampoline fitness

2020/04/12 10:41
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Trampoline has many interesting and fitness properties, but when we do trampoline fitness, we also need to do some corresponding risk prevention work, such as overload exercise, which may damage our leg joints. In addition, if we go to trampoline Park, we must comply with the relevant regulations of the playground, so as to protect ourselves Good health.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following items in trampoline:

1. Confirm whether you have bought trampoline insurance.

2. Tumbling and overturning are common causes of cervical spine operation, which is destructive and destructive. Children are not recommended to try.

3. If your child is using a family trampoline, it must be looked after by someone. The child is relatively small and doesn't know what kind of action may cause harm to himself.

4. At any time, when using trampoline, only one person can bounce on the trampoline. The impact on trampoline is an important cause of trampoline injury.

From the above precautions, we can see that trampoline fitness also has certain disadvantages, which are summarized as follows:

1. Excessive exercise leads to knee joint injury.

2. Push and bustle with each other on trampoline, causing personal injury.

3. The pursuit of gorgeous movements, resulting in their own sprains.

4. The installation or use of amusement equipment has potential safety hazards, resulting in personal injury.

In trampoline fitness, as long as we know how to protect ourselves, trampoline fitness is a very worthy way to lose weight, and it is also a good exercise for our young people to let go of themselves.