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New choice of children's trampoline gymnasium and trampoline Park

2020/06/02 09:40
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Children's trampoline gymnasium and trampoline park have become a hot and promising investment project for many investors. What new choice will their development usher in today's crowded trampoline gymnasium and trampoline park?

1. Innovation and development under the standardization of trampoline industry.

When an industry develops to a certain situation, it will form a certain social convention, more specifically, the industry convention, trampoline sports hall and trampoline park are no exception, they have obtained certain operating experience and profits in the continuous operation and practice of franchise stores. Then, when its mode becomes more and more mature and finalized, and has become a certain standardized mode, the market development, operation and profit model replication of franchise stores will have a day of bottleneck. At this time, how to innovate and develop is a big problem facing entrepreneurs. How to innovate and develop? How to walk out of the unusual road under the established mode is what children's trampoline gymnasium and trampoline park need to consider and face after 2019.

2. In the future, the equipment output of trampoline gymnasium and trampoline park will be larger.

Take the production span of a trampoline manufacturer from 2014 to 2017 as an example: from the production of 8000 square meters in 2014 to the production of more than 80000 square meters in 2017, it has doubled tenfold, which shows that the consumption demand of trampoline gymnasium and expansion park has been driven by consumption points and consumption sources.

3. Inheriting the service concept of "eating, drinking, playing and playing together", trampoline hall and trampoline park have more space to develop into a comprehensive operation mode.

Slide, big slide, naughty castle, crawl, stick to wall and other popular amusement facilities and equipment have become the first choice of trampoline sports hall and trampoline park. The single operation mode has passed, the development space of comprehensive operation mode is larger, and the happiness and relaxation that can be brought to consumers can not be given by a single trampoline park.

4. The group of players is further expanded, and the playing method is developing towards a safer and younger age.

Compared with the development direction of trampoline Park and Development Park in foreign countries, the player group has been expanding from 3 to 50 years old. The group of domestic players is mainly between 3-12 years old, followed by 18-23 years old. They play with their children at 23 years old and later. The trend of playing methods towards a safer and younger age is very obvious.

There are various ways to play trampoline. The playing methods of different ages can be different. The consumer groups are different. The facilities and equipment of trampoline park are different. The chosen groups are different. The management mode of trampoline hall and trampoline park will be different... It can be said that only you can't imagine it, but there is nothing you can't do.