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Kids jumping toys trampoline

2020/04/30 10:00
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Many children are deeply in love with trampoline jumping toys. The function of kids jumping toys trampoline lies in that their jumping can help to make their mood happy, cultivate their sense of balance, and train their coordination ability. kids jumping toys trampoline are very helpful to children's self-reliance and maturity of sports planning. Kids jumping toys trampoline also help children's emotional stability. To play trampoline correctly, you need to master the following knowledge:

1.Kids trampoline jumping toys, parents can sit on the trampoline with their children, use the flexibility of the trampoline to shake up and down with the support of the body.

2. When kids trampoline jumping toys are not suitable for playing for the first time, in order to reduce their fear, parents or teachers can start to carry their children on the trampoline.

3. Kids trampoline jumping toys let children lie prone on the trampoline, stand and jump by their partner, bounce the children up, let the children experience the ups and downs of the trampoline.

4. Kids trampoline jumping toys enable children to lie on the trampoline, lift their head and neck vigorously, and raise their chest as much as possible, which can strengthen the sense of vestibular system and promote the formation of the whole body muscle sense.

5. Kids trampoline jumping toys let children jump freely on the trampoline, or jump on the trampoline with both hands holding the ball, or play the game of throwing and catching the ball with the instructor.

6. Kids trampoline jumping toys let children jump on the trampoline while putting the ball in the designated basket.

7. Kids trampoline jumping toys hang a balloon above the trampoline to let children hit the target every time they jump up. A net basket can also be hung on the trampoline to let the head ball enter the net when the child jumps. This kind of game can help the child to judge the visual space with correct vestibular inherent feeling in the mid air, which is very helpful for hand eye coordination and body image.

8. Kids trampoline jumping toys let two children stand on the trampoline face to face, hand in hand and jump together, or pull a small hula hoop together, so as to train the ability of coordinating movement with each other, and enhance the visual stability through the eyeball in the jump.