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Key points of fitness trampoline class

2020/04/24 10:00
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Fitness trampoline can play and exercise, which makes more and more people fall in love with it. But many people can't know exactly what the movement and posture of trampoline is like? Now let's take you to the main points of fitness trampoline class.

1. In the fitness trampoline, you must jump down, step down, jump with the whole foot, not with the toe. If the crus is sour, it's wrong. It's normal that the thighs and buttocks are sore

2. The best way to keep your head on the horizontal line of standing in the fitness trampoline class is not to jump too high, mainly with legs

3. Stand on the edge of the fitness trampoline, steady

4. After getting off the fitness trampoline, you should stand on tiptoe for three times. It's not dizzy

5. Fitness trampoline can not only jump, but also lie on the bed to do some belly curling and leg kicking exercises

6. After fitness trampoline, you must also remember to stretch. You can do it directly on fitness trampoline

7. An important position of fitness trampoline is to lean forward, bend your knees slightly, and sit back at your hips. The teacher said that just like there is a chair in the back, push your hips back and push your legs down

8. When you jump, it must be the whole soles of your feet

9. Take another two minutes off when you dance a song on the fitness trampoline. Don't take too long off in the whole process. Don't let your body cool down

10. If you are tired, relax your muscles and jump on the fitness trampoline. Adjust your breathing

11. In the fitness trampoline, keep the core as tight as possible