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Is trampoline Park expensive?

2020/05/13 10:00
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Trampoline park has become a project choice for most young people and cross industry investors, not only because it is a profitable project, but also because it is easy to operate. However, the actual investment of trampoline park is still what the venue operation needs, so how much investment does a trampoline park need? That's what investors are concerned about right now.

First is the trampoline Park venue rent. The premise is to understand the size of trampoline park. Generally speaking, for inexperienced investors, trampoline manufacturers recommend that investors choose a smaller area. For example, 100 to 300 square meters is the best. This kind of site is easy to find and its size is suitable for preliminary selection. How much does trampoline park need to invest in rent? As far as rent is concerned, it's better to achieve a price of 60 yuan / square meter per month.

Secondly, the decoration cost and style of trampoline park are the main factors. Therefore, the different decoration style also directly affects the investment cost of the venue. Decoration will directly affect the visual experience of consumers, so as investors, they should also pay attention to the decoration style must conform to the public aesthetic. Now, in the decoration market, the decoration with a price of 300 yuan / flat is more appropriate.

Then, for the purchase and selection of trampoline park equipment, how much investment equipment does trampoline park need? The selection and purchase of trampoline equipment is the core content of venue operation, and now, in order to meet most of the needs of customers, the design of equipment integrates the requirements of investors themselves. Equipment specification, quality and selection are no longer the choice of a single manufacturer, but more the communication with investors. The specific price is also different due to quality factors!

Finally, as for the venue operation of the whole trampoline Park, the operation effect is an important factor to determine the success or failure of the trampoline park. So, how much investment does trampoline park need for venue operation? In fact, the investment cost should be analyzed according to the specific situation.