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Is fitness trampoline near me limited to weight?

2020/07/21 08:14
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Many people want to experience the fun of fitness trampoline near me, especially for people like me who have never played trampoline. Trampoline has restrictions on weight, because it is supported by elastic force. It may not jump if it is too heavy. Trampoline can bring us a lot of benefits, including reducing joint pressure, improving cardiopulmonary function, strengthening exercise ability, burning fat and shaping, and so on. Moreover, the feeling of being free from gravity on trampoline instantly brings us back to a good childhood. But not everyone can participate in the project. Speaking of it, trampoline has certain restrictions on weight, because this sport is mainly supported by elasticity. If the human body is too heavy, you may not be able to jump. Trampoline manufacturers suggest that the weight should not exceed 250. Otherwise, if you think about how to have fun, you will feel meaningless.

If it is a trampoline Park specifically for children, it is recommended that the net height should be 4-4.5 meters, and those less than 4 meters are not recommended.

If it is for adults to play trampoline Park, it is recommended that the net height should be more than 6 meters, and the minimum can be relaxed to 5.2 meters.

Therefore, it is suggested that the net height of the site should be more than 5.2m, which is not restricted by the age group, and there are no restrictions on some projects with higher height requirements.

Conclusion: when choosing trampoline field, it is suggested that the higher the height is, the better the experience of customers will be, and more projects can be selected.

In terms of trampoline selection, you can choose either spring trampoline or rainbow rope net trampoline. Whether it is a single trampoline or a super large trampoline, the quality of elastic cloth and spring directly affects children's trampoline experience and amusement safety. The elastic cloth of trampoline is PP elastic cloth imported from the United States, which has good elasticity and can effectively relieve the pressure of knee and ankle, and avoid the injury to children caused by bouncing. The spring is electroplated, which has a longer service life.

The skill difficulty of a really good trampoline is far more complicated than what we see. The most important thing in its design is to ensure the safety of the jumpers. Safety is the most important factor in choosing trampoline. At present, trampolines without springs are popular in Europe and America. This spring free trampoline is now known as the safest trampoline in the world because there is no strong metal object in the center that the jumper can touch.