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Investment prospect of trampoline Park Project

2020/05/15 10:00
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Industry background of trampoline Park

In the sports service industry, the future development prospects of competitive sports, mass fitness and stadium operation. We look at the market opportunities of each sub industry in the future from the two dimensions of market demand and satisfaction degree of each sub industry in sports industry. Sports goods are in the sub sector with strong consumer demand and market satisfaction degree, so the overall market opportunities are small; sports industry, mass fitness and venue operation in sports service industry are in strong demand but market For the plate with low field satisfaction, there is a greater opportunity for market integrity.

Trampoline parks in China are generally not large-scale, only exist in parks and squares, and simple equipment, not only sports can not be high, but also lack of security. Even in this way, the single trampoline in the park square is also in a state of being full of people, which shows how much children like it. In recent years, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first tier cities have established several large-scale indoor trampoline theme parks, whose revenue response is optimistic.

2. Social background of trampoline Park

Nowadays, the post-80s and post-90s generation have a lot of work pressure, especially the people living in the first tier cities, because of the price and price, their spirit has been in a tense state, which leads to grumpy, self, unhealthy body and mind and other factors; due to the heavy daily work tasks and lack of reasonable exercise opportunities, the gymnasium project is too single and does not have a good entertainment. For outdoor sports, the weather is bad As a result, a new sports project is urgently needed to meet the needs of entertainment and fitness in daily life.

3. Benefits of trampoline Park

Interesting trampoline Park: no matter adults or children, jumping, jumping and flying are all natural. The pleasure brought by body stagnation can make people excited.

Diversified trampoline Park: the diversified play method of trampoline park is also the highlight of the successful transformation. It is no longer boring, and integrates basketball, football, squash, obstacles, etc. for young children, it will add expansion, naughty castle, rock climbing, etc. the rest area can also host birthday party, large-scale activities, it is more like the trampoline version of Disney.

Trampoline Park Sports: trampoline park is a comprehensive ability development project. According to foreign research, children should be engaged in Multi Sport before the age of 12, which is very important for the balanced development of body.

Trampoline park character: trampoline allows people to build self-confidence, courage and perseverance from happiness.

To sum up, trampoline park investment is the most clear and popular investment project at present.