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Indoor trampoline fitness

2020/04/21 10:00
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Indoor trampoline fitness is a popular sport at present. Both adults and children can fully relax their body and mood. Through various sports and games, it can promote body metabolism, exercise bones and joints, and achieve the effect of physical fitness at the same time of entertainment. Indoor trampoline fitness can improve cardiovascular function and regulate blood flow, so it can reduce muscle spasm and greatly enhance your immune system.

Trampoline fitness does not have so-called "disadvantages", but if the indoor trampoline fitness method is not correct, it will cause some muscle sprain or sprain problems.

About the benefits of indoor trampoline fitness and the need to pay attention to!

The advantages of indoor trampoline fitness: trampoline belongs to aerobic exercise, correct use of the elastic characteristics of this exercise can improve the cardiopulmonary function, enhance their sense of dynamic balance and space, promote fluid circulation, and improve immunity.

Because of reducing the impact of direct contact with the ground, indoor trampoline fitness exercise can reduce the pressure on bone joints and effectively protect the spine. Because of the unstable characteristics of trampoline, all the core muscle groups of human body will be mobilized during training, and more than 400 muscles will be used. However, after high-intensity stress (exercise), bone cells will store minerals in the tissues and strengthen the bone quality, which is not comparable to other endurance sports.

Indoor trampoline fitness needs attention:

As trampoline fitness is the movement of the core to drive the lower limbs, it is necessary to ensure that the leg muscles are always in a state of tension in the process. It is recommended that you wear a thigh sheath. Whether you are in contact for the first time or often play trampoline, the sheath can help you stabilize the strength of the lower limbs and avoid muscle strain.