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Indoor children trampoline marketing makes you more profitable

2020/07/10 08:58
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In recent years, indoor entertainment is very popular among people, and the entry threshold for children's trampoline business is not high. In big cities, many indoor trampolines need to queue up. Opening a children's trampoline shop can make a lot of money in a year, and the investment cost is not too much, so it is more suitable for everyone to choose. If you want to do indoor children's trampoline, you need to know what conditions are needed, so we can open an indoor children's trampoline shop is a good choice.

Indoor trampoline is also safer than outdoor, so parents will be more assured to let their children play. If you want to open such a store, you must do indoor children's trampoline marketing in the early stage. There are several steps. First of all, you should choose a good venue. Because it is indoor, so the area should be larger. Of course, the bigger the better, it depends on how much we need to invest The number of trampolines to choose, generally two or three hundred square meters can accommodate nearly ten trampolines, so a trampoline can bring you good profits. If you calculate ten trampolines, the income will be considerable in a month, if the marketing is good, then it will be able to return to its original value in half a year. After that, there will be a profit in the back and a high return on small investment.

Indoor children's trampoline marketing can also better let you understand the cost of opening such a trampoline shop. At the beginning, trampoline manufacturers will support you and help you to choose a good location. The location of the store should not be too biased or too prosperous, too biased, so that customers can not find it. Although the rent is relatively cheap, the business is certainly not very good. If the rent is too busy, the rent will be too busy It's more expensive, and it's difficult to find the right area to open a shop. It's also important to find the right location.

Trampoline park has become the project choice of most young people and cross industry investors, not only because of its strong profitability, but also because of its simple operation. However, for the operation of venues, the actual investment amount of trampoline park is still required. How much investment is needed for a trampoline park? This is what investors are concerned about. As we all know, the amount of investment will affect the income and development of venues. So, let's introduce the investment factors of stadiums for you, and spend less money wrongly!

The first is the venue rent. The premise of the venue rent is to have a reservation for the size of the venue. Generally, for inexperienced investors, trampoline manufacturers will recommend that investors choose a smaller venue area. For example, 100 square meters to 300 square meters is the best. The location of such venues is easy to find, and the size is also suitable for early people to choose projects. So how much money does trampoline park need to invest in rent? In terms of rent, it is best to meet the monthly price of 60 yuan / m2.

Secondly, the decoration cost of the trampoline hall, the decoration style accounts for the main factor of the trampoline park. Therefore, the difference of decoration style is the investment cost of venues. Decoration will directly affect the visual experience of consumers, so investors should also pay attention to the decoration style must conform to the public aesthetic. According to the decoration market that Xiaobian understands at present, the decoration with the price of 300 yuan / flat is more appropriate.

Then is the equipment purchase and selection of trampoline Park, how much investment equipment does trampoline park need? The selection and purchase of trampoline equipment is the core content of venue operation. In order to meet most of the needs of customers, the design of trampoline equipment will also integrate the investors' own requirements. In terms of equipment specification, quality and selection, it is no longer a single manufacturer's choice, but more communication with investors. The specific price is also due to quality factors and different!