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Indoor & garden trampolines near me

2020/07/03 09:13
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Jumping on a trampoline doesn't have a good fitness effect. Jumping on a indoor & garden trampolines near me is the same amount of heat as walking for an hour. But in fact, many people just have a faster heart rate and don't sweat a lot.

Because if the hips or knees are bent when jumping, it doesn't need too much effort to complete the jumping action, and the lower body part is rarely involved in the exercise.

American fitness experts believe that your heart rate is accelerated by the reaction force (elasticity) generated by the body's pressing on the trampoline, rather than the energy emitted by muscles.

What is indoor & garden trampolines near me

Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes perform acrobatic skills by rebound from trampoline. It belongs to gymnastics. It is also the name of sports equipment. Trampoline, also known as rebound skills, athletes from the trampoline into the air to perform skills. Trampoline is a perfect combination of sports and aesthetics. According to the classification of textbooks, gymnastics includes five competitive events: competitive gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, trampoline, aerobics and skills. For many years, people are still used to call "competitive gymnastics" gymnastics, trampoline is called "air ballet".


The founder of modern elastic trampoline is a French acrobat. He uses hemp rope to weave a protective net to strengthen the safety of "trapeze in the air", and uses the elasticity of the net to throw the actor into the air to complete various actions. In the 1930s, American diving champions made trampolines similar to today's ones to help them with diving and flipping training. During the Second World War, the United States used trampoline to train the positioning skills of pilots and pilots, and achieved good results. Later, it gradually became a sport, which was widely carried out in middle schools and universities in the United States. In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline performance competition in Texas, which was included in the official competition since 1948 and then passed to Europe. In 1958, Britain began to hold the all England Trampoline Championship. In 1964, the first world Trampoline Championship was held in Britain. In 1969, the first European Trampoline Championship was held in Paris, France. In 1999, the international trampoline Federation became an association of the International Gymnastics Federation, and in the 27th Olympic Games in 2000, it became a formal event, with two individual events, male and female, each of which has 12 athletes.

1. Indoor & garden trampolines near me can expel toxins

The human body secretes a large number of metabolic substances every day, and various toxins are produced accordingly. If it can't be discharged in time, there will be many diseases. The skin is responsible for sweating, and trampoline can achieve the above effect. Do a trampoline exercise, as if opening a window to ventilate, to clean up the inside of the human body.

2. Indoor & garden trampolines near me can protect skin and beauty

The skin metabolism of people who do not sweat is slow, and some wastes are difficult to be discharged. Sweating can clean pores and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

3. Indoor & garden trampolines near me can make men more attractive

According to US researchers, the smell of men's sweat can make women feel happy and relaxed.

4. Indoor & garden trampolines near me enhance memory

A long-term education experiment conducted for 20000 middle school students in the United States shows that active sports sweating has a positive effect on students, and memory and concentration can be greatly improved.

You can't wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, etc. when you train or exercise on trampoline, because once you lose balance when you fall and touch the net, you are extremely easy to hurt yourself. Another taboo is not to have long nails, even if your nails are no longer good-looking, sometimes because the body is out of balance and the palm touches the net, it is easy to cause nail fracture and injury.

No matter you are on the trampoline for fitness or professional training, it is forbidden to bring fragile products, containers, clubs, sticks, sharp objects and similar items into the trampoline;


In practice, we should be careful about waist injuries. The most injuries of Trampoline Players are waist and ankle. Because of the great impact force when falling, people who have not been trained in this field can't play high on indoor & garden trampolines near me.