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Indoor & garden trampolines

2020/05/08 10:00
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Because indoor & Garden trampolines are camps for most teenagers, they can also be decorated in some cool forms in the construction of space. For example, using the form of wall painting and graffiti, this kind of theme style similar to Street Park strongly shows the theme of walls, corridors, halls and other places through the form of graffiti. Although the forms of these wall paintings and graffiti are different, the overall color construction and style are consistent, so the colorful, lively and vivid style is to let people have a sense of movement.

The interactive significance of indoor & Garden trampolines many consumers prefer team interaction, and challenge amusement projects with PK nature. Therefore, when buying and selecting trampoline park amusement equipment, indoor & Garden trampolines investors can choose some amusement equipment for multi-person interaction to increase the fun experience. The interaction projects of indoor & Garden trampolines are mainly divided into parent-child interaction type and team interaction type. The former can promote the relationship between parents and children, while the latter has a good play experience, which can make friends and colleagues closer.

Dongguan Jianjia Industry Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Its products are very suitable for lively occasions and amusement facilities. The product structure of the company is safe and durable. Its design is ingenious, the color is harmonious, and the various parts of plastic are skillfully combined, which can bring safety, joy and lively feelings to children. It is a new and comprehensive indoor & Garden trampolines, which integrates fitness and entertainment, and designs various styles according to children's interests and hobbies. Jianjia industry sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and purchase!

"Rotate, jump, take off, land on the ground •• be planted by this cool, fashionable and novel way of sports in an instant, regardless of his troubles, they all jump off and jump off to a strong therapeutic Max!" A player from Jianjia industrial amusement trampoline Park franchise store said. A variety of interesting ways of entertainment experience, so that every player who comes to trampoline park can completely free himself. Through the experience in indoor & Garden trampolines, the colleagues who release the pressure of work and life can play an important role in the coordination and intelligence development of physical exercise, and both entertainment and physical exercise are correct.

2. Property appraisal indoor & Garden trampolines selects the evaluation of the people flow around the address, the obvious contrast of customers, the consideration status of visibility, etc., so as to obtain a better choice of location; understands the price and area division of general market area selection, and selects the site with better cost performance according to their own investment budget. 2 Location 1. Indoor & Garden trampolines location because trampoline is the main concentration of young people, because the choice requires a place where the majority of young people. 2. Convenient transportation, appropriate hardware facilities and rent. Indoor & Garden trampolines site selection has special requirements for the venue. Different consumers have different requirements for the height of the venue. For example, children are more suitable for more than 4 meters, and adults need to reach more than 5.2 meters. For the ground, it is required that there is no tide wetland around the site, the site is flat without potholes, and there are few columns. 3. There is no fixed area for the area requirement of indoor & Garden trampolines, because with the more reasonable and random investment of indoor & Garden trampolines, as long as it can meet the requirements and standards of opening offline stores, as well as the requirements of children and young people. Generally, it can be between 300 square meters and 1000 square meters, so as to get a faster profit return.

Dongguan Jianjia Industry Co., Ltd. can select multiple models and colors for each part according to the needs of different users, and can also carry out personalized design according to the needs of customers. Dongguan Jianjia Industry Co., Ltd. business covers: Children's bungee, trampoline, indoor trampoline, trampoline, large-scale trampoline, spring free trampoline, fitness trampoline, extreme trampoline, super trampoline, water trampoline, gym trampoline, outdoor trampoline, combination trampoline, large indoor trampoline, children's trampoline, outdoor trampoline, adult trampoline, sports trampoline Bed, gym jump bed, super big jump bed, game jump bed, large outdoor jump bed, outdoor super jump bed, outdoor activity jump bed, children's outdoor jump bed, small outdoor jump bed, bungee jump bed, bungee jump bed, large bungee jump bed, elastic jump bed, etc.