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Howto use and maintain trampoline after customization?

2020/04/15 10:00
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Trampoline is a favorite sport for children. When making a custom trampoline, you should understand the safety standard of trampoline and the details of its later maintenance. Most of its materials are PVC mesh. As for the custom-made trampoline, the use and maintenance are summarized as follows.

First, security

Before making the trampoline, communicate with the manufacturer first. The specifications, materials and process level of the spring, iron link, fastener, various connecting parts and auxiliary facilities of the equipment are high-risk sports, which may cause personal injury if there is a little carelessness. After the production of the product, it is necessary to check whether the steel frame is loose, deformed or rusted. The PVC material on the surface shall not be disconnected, Desserts or cracks.

Second, customization of auxiliary facilities

It is also necessary to customize auxiliary safety facilities with the manufacturer, for example, to install rubber cushion at the site, which is placed at the lower part. If the facilities break suddenly, it can also play a role of buffer undertaking. The peripheral safety net is also in the custom line. According to the size of the enclosure, it is necessary to keep the material tight without damage. In daily inspection, it should also be monitored as an important project

Third, safety matters

When entering the site, shoes must be taken off to avoid the failure of facilities due to the solid objects such as metal in shoes. Children should not be scratched. Before going to bed, they should not eat any food. The throat and nose should not be blocked. The direction of jumping should also be strictly noted to avoid jumping to the outside. If two people share a trampoline, it is strictly prohibited to fight in the facilities

Fourth, daily safety inspection

Safety inspection shall be carried out every day, focusing on whether the PVC surface is cracked or the metal components are desoldered due to use. After customization, after-sales service contract shall be signed with the manufacturer. If any problem occurs, it can be returned to the factory for maintenance. Generally speaking, it can be maintained for three years