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How to use trampoline for home use

2020/07/07 08:48
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Trampolines for home use are divided into two categories, one is the steel frame trampoline for home use. According to age, it can be divided into trampoline and children's trampoline, steel frame trampoline II, inflatable trampoline, inflatable castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline. A toy shaped by the tension of centrifugal fan and the pressure difference between inside and outside the film. It is made of PVC or plastic with mesh and other materials. It is shaped like a castle by using heat sealing machine and other equipment, and then the toy is formed by the tension of centrifugal fan, the tension of trampoline and the pressure difference inside and outside the film.

How to use trampoline for home use

1. Take off the white cock before inflating the trampoline for home use. After filling, make sure the cock is inserted correctly and completely. Do not remove the cock when using it. 2. Children jump animal series inflatable toys, please do not use as other tools, it is only for play. 3. Trampoline to a certain time, children's jumping animal series inflatable trampoline inflation will slowly shrink. Be sure to re inflate it to saturation before continuing to play. 4. Before you play with this trampoline, make sure there are no sharp objects or other objects around or on the ground. 5. It is very dangerous for two children to play with each other, so it is not recommended that two children play together, which is suitable for one child. 6. Children jump horse inflatable toys, two small hands to grasp its two ears, standing on the toy or not grasping the ears is very dangerous, we do not advocate. 7. Don't play on uneven ground, steps or stairs. Don't play in a place with fire or beside an electric heater. 8. Adults take care of children, ride children jump animal series inflatable toys.