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How to promote your indoor trampoline park?

2020/06/09 09:02
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Promotion of indoor trampoline park before opening

1. Employees send flyers: in three groups, one group sends flyers to the commercial street, the other group sends flyers to the community, the third group sends free experience vouchers at the gate of the kindergarten after school, and invites children to play in the trampoline Park (Tips: send balloons with names, addresses and numbers of the parks)

2. Indoor trampoline Park flyer layout and content: if the layout is a doll shaped flyer, and the content can take small gifts with the flyer, it must be noted that the gifts will be taken by the children in person in the trampoline park on the opening day.

3. Indoor trampoline Park short message mass sending: handle a mass sending information platform, mass sending information such as opening preferential activities to mobile phone users in the area, and inform users to participate in later activities through this information platform.

4. indoor trampoline Park WeChat official account: establish an indoor trampoline Park WeChat official account, let customers scan attention, and have activities or daily operation can release information to let customers know. And register a micro signal named after indoor trampoline Park, add nearby people, and explore potential customers.


Publicity activities on the opening day of indoor trampoline Park

One Free experience of indoor trampoline Park: for example, invite some large and medium-sized kindergarten children or primary school students to play in the children's Park for free once, let the children have a short-term free experience of the project, on the one hand, let the children have interest in the project and fall in love with the trampoline Park project, so as to actively express the consumption intention to the parents and promote the re consumption; on the other hand, the children will spread the experience among friends So as to attract more children to spend.

 Indoor trampoline Park card application discount: customers who apply for the card in the indoor trampoline park on the day of opening can enjoy the price discount or the gift from the exquisite gifts.

 Indoor trampoline Park gift giving activities: on the opening day, as long as children enter the indoor trampoline park to play, they can get a small gift, and can also reward the first few children to play.

On site interaction in indoor trampoline Park: employees wear cartoon doll clothes, carry out on-site lottery activities or treasure hunt interaction with children, etc.

Marketing plan of indoor trampoline park after opening

1. Indoor trampoline Park push membership card service: urge customers to apply for membership card, and quickly return investment funds of the park.

2. Indoor trampoline Park points discount: for example, 1 ticket per original price, 1 stamp (children's Park Logo), 5 stamps for 1 family and friend invitation ticket, etc.

3. Business cooperation of indoor trampoline Park: cooperate with shopping malls, supermarkets, toy stores, etc. around the children's Park. For example, when a certain amount of money is purchased in the toy store, customers will be given a certain amount of vouchers, time cards, hour cards, etc. for children's amusement park, which will drive the consumption of the park.

 Daily activities of indoor trampoline Park: hire professional preschool teachers to do some games, interactive activities, competitions, etc. for children in the park, so that children can learn in the game, get parents' approval of the park, and set up corresponding rewards in the game, improve children's enthusiasm for playing in the park, so as to enhance the popularity of the park and attract more children to participate in the park And so on.