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How to look at the price gap between trampoline equipment?

2020/05/29 10:00
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Trampoline park has become popular in recent years, and many cross industry investors have seen the business opportunities. In fact, trampoline park is not only in the first tier cities, but also in the county and the third and fourth tier cities, which are constantly expanding its scale and form, with different theme styles. Meanwhile, the price of trampoline equipment has also attracted the attention of investors.

So, how to look at the price gap between trampoline equipment?

A long-term concern of trampoline Park investors, how much does it cost to open a trampoline park? Such a wide range of problems, in the actual situation of uncertainty trampoline, in fact, it is difficult to achieve a clear price value.

The investment idea of the three companies is the most widely used in trampoline park. In fact, having such experience, we will find that there will be different differences in the prices of different trampoline manufacturers. That's exactly what it means to pay a penny for a piece of goods.

The price of trampoline equipment should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Venue positioning

Different age groups of consumers like different projects, do a good job of market research to determine the positioning of consumers, and the price of trampoline equipment will be different. Because each age group's requirements for product function are very different.

2. Price difference between the same trampoline equipment

The main reason for the price difference between the same trampoline equipment is the difference in materials and functions. This is mainly reflected in the production process of different trampoline brands, resulting from the selection of different materials.

3. Do not deliberately covet cheap trampoline equipment

The price of the same trampoline equipment will be different, and the price of different equipment will certainly be different. In order to reduce the cost of investment, deliberately covet the low price of monotonous trampoline equipment, the result is that the interest of the amusement items in the venue is greatly reduced, which is absolutely not desirable. At the same time, investment should not blindly pursue the interest and richness of the equipment. It is the best policy to choose the appropriate trampoline in its own investment scope.

The real strength of trampoline manufacturers is their own R & D, design, production and innovation. This can not only reduce the cost of construction, but also bring more direct benefits to customers. Therefore, the investment in equipment for opening a trampoline park is not only the consideration of each project, but also the market research. Compare the price difference between the three and the quality of the equipment.