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How to choose trampoline equipment? Analysis on price factors of trampoline manufacturers

2020/08/13 08:11
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Children's trampoline equipment industry is in the golden development of the entertainment industry, children's trampoline equipment to meet the needs of children's daily play, and has a positive role in promoting the healthy growth of children. In the great market prospects and many children's paradise investors have made good profits, many people have joined the industry.

However, due to the lack of understanding of the market, many people choose children's trampoline equipment in the face of various prices of many children's trampoline manufacturers, as well as the equipment selection, the overall design of children's trampoline Park, the playability of equipment and other factors, do not know how to choose children's trampoline equipment.

First of all, we are most concerned about the price of trampoline

The equipment of children's trampoline park is very sensitive to the price. The price of equipment in children's trampoline park is calculated by the way of area plus equipment integration. Therefore, when considering the price factor, we must make reference according to our own actual situation, and estimate the income of the surrounding population. We should achieve reasonable distribution of funds in our hands, and ensure that the trampoline park can quickly withdraw funds after opening. We must not blindly inject capital, but we can not choose the children's trampoline park with too low price After all, the customers of the equipment are children, so safety should be put in the first place.

The price differences of children's trampoline park equipment are generally in the selection of materials, labor costs, and design and installation costs. Therefore, when selecting equipment manufacturers of children's trampoline Park, we should conduct on-site investigation and estimation to strive for a reasonable price space.

Secondly, the design of children's trampoline equipment

We all like new and interesting things, especially for children. So when we choose children's trampoline equipment manufacturers, we must check the other party's design team and design level. Many equipment manufacturers generally have the overall design mode, which requires us to do a good job in the supervision of design. Only in the early stage of children's trampoline park equipment design is good-looking, playable and reasonable layout In the later stage of our operation, it will be more simple and convenient.

Now many investors like to use non customized children's trampoline park equipment, which can undoubtedly attract children's attention, which has higher requirements for the designers of equipment manufacturers. Whether it is color or equipment matching, site layout, lighting decoration configuration, we should take into account in order to better attract more children to consume.

Another is the playability of trampoline park equipment.

Whether a trampoline park is fun or not has a great impact on whether it can attract multiple consumption. Therefore, we plan to invest in the equipment of children's trampoline park. The most important thing is that the equipment is playable enough, and the project playing method of the equipment can promote children's desire for secondary consumption.

Of course, when we choose the equipment of children's trampoline Park, we should also consider the impact of price on the equipment. We should try our best to use reasonable price and increase the playing method of children's trampoline park equipment as much as possible. In the case of insufficient budget, we can make the whole trampoline park look more abundant by reasonable layout.

Finally, it is the factor of equipment manufacturers of children's trampoline park

Speaking of so much, many places are inseparable from dealing with the equipment manufacturers of children's trampoline park. When selecting manufacturers, we should first examine the manufacturer's price range, whether the quotation of children's trampoline park equipment is within our own budget, if it is too high, whether it can negotiate to a position acceptable to them, and then the equipment manufacturers of children's trampoline park Whether it is in compliance with the regulations and whether all kinds of qualifications are complete. Many manufacturers do not have production qualification for some special equipment. We should be vigilant. Finally, what is the scale of the equipment manufacturers of children's trampoline park. The larger the manufacturer, the higher the trust, but the price is relatively high, to see whether they can accept.

In a word, the choice of equipment for children's trampoline park is still based on your own investment and business forecast. Only when all aspects can be reasonably considered, I believe you will find the children's trampoline park equipment you like.