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How to choose fitness trampoline for home use

2020/07/01 09:07
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There are many parents who will buy a small trampoline for their children at home. Professional trampoline halls should also choose good trampoline equipment. What kind of fitness trampoline for home use should they choose? Is trampoline good for ribbon or spring? See what the professionals suggest.

First, home use

To say whether fitness trampoline for home use is good at webbing or spring, the first thing to consider is family use. Family use still needs to choose webbing, because the strap does not involve spring, so it will not lead to injury, which is a very safe choice. Moreover, this kind of product is more durable, and it is suitable to put it at home, especially when it is used at home, it will choose some small trampolines Small trampolines don't need to use springs. It's better to choose ribbon.

Second, commercial use

If it is for commercial use, it needs to be combined with the two, because trampoline needs to have different strength, including adult area, child area and child area. Generally speaking, those springs are not used, but if it is a large trampoline site, it needs to be combined with the two for construction, which should be selected according to the scheme provided by the manufacturer.

Third, choose the right brand

Secondly, when selecting engineering equipment, we need to pay attention to the brand. A good brand is very important and belongs to the same design. But if it is produced by different manufacturers, the quality is totally different. When you buy a brand of air conditioner and a brand of air conditioner, the cooling and heating effects are completely different, that's the same reason, whether it's for home use or not It's for commercial use. It's recommended to choose brand products.

Fourth, the site installation should be firm

No matter what kind of material it is, the installation work of the site should be done well. It should be installed firmly and checked from time to time. Whether it is used in the family or in the commercial area, it needs to be checked regularly to see if there is any looseness or opening. If there is any, it needs to be replaced and maintained in time. Otherwise, it is likely to be dangerous

As for whether the fitness trampoline for home use is good at webbing or spring, professionals suggest that the choice of webbing is better than that of spring. However, because the large trampoline venue needs strong elasticity, it needs to combine the two. If it's a family choice, it's better to directly choose the webbing