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How to break through the homogenization bottleneck of indoor trampoline parks manufacturer?

2020/07/14 08:17
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With the rapid development of trampoline parks manufacturer today, all kinds of large, medium and small trampoline parks are springing up. How should many old and new trampoline parks coexist and what development path should they take? This is a puzzle for many trampoline park operators. At present, trampoline park market is not saturated, but if you want to stand out, you need to achieve differentiated development.

According to the data of a trampoline Park, a 300 square meter trampoline Park, according to the high-end decoration and supporting, the cost of investment is about 40000 yuan, 500000 yuan, and the minimum turnover of the trampoline Park in a month can reach more than 100000 yuan, reaching more than 1 million yuan a year. In the final analysis, trampoline park is actually a profiteering industry. A trampoline Parks manufacturer of more than 1000 square meters can easily generate a turnover of over one million yuan a month.

However, with the more serious homogenization management, the awareness of trampoline park operators is gradually changing. Differentiation, personalization, experiential shopping and service awareness have become the most frequently used terms, which are injected into the operation of commercial complex. Now the biggest problem is how to do it. Everyone is making use of their own advantages and characteristics to carry out differentiated competition and characteristic operation, how to give full play to their own advantages.

It has to be said that the traditional family leisure gathering places are mainly open-air parks, but shopping malls, with their one-stop children's consumption, rain and rain free experience environment and more and more experience formats that attract children's interest, are gradually changing the places where families go on weekends and holidays, and have let businesses see the magnetic effect brought by children's formats. In terms of specific management, businesses should end up Reasonable layout in accordance with their own reality, rather than blindly follow the peers.

The primary consideration of a complex is how to make the project distinctive and bright, and find the core selling points that can attract merchants and customers. Nowadays, consumers have changed from the most basic shopping needs to emotional experience, and the environment creation and experience function have gradually become the key to the differentiated competition of the complex. Therefore, from the specific operation point of view, the only way to win the market is to expand the surrounding industries, break through the customer demand link, and form a complete consumer industry chain.

At present, children's trampoline parks manufacturer should realize differentiated management. For example, first, it needs to be subdivided in terms of positioning, whether the playground is for boys or girls, whether it is for 0-3 years old or 3-6 years old, rather than for all children in general; second, there should be differences in service. The amusement toys provided by trampoline park should allow children to have a good time and be willing to experience it again; third, in order to avoid homogenization, businesses should open their minds and learn from them Cross border operation. Don't limit trampoline park to amusement. If children can make friends or learn relevant knowledge in the playground, parents will be more willing to spend. Find a way to meet the consumption of the local market, make something distinctive to attract the market.