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How to avoid the harm of fitness trampoline suppliers china

2020/07/13 08:06
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In recent years, with the popularity of trampoline Park, the benefits of fitness trampoline to everyone are obvious, including fitness and weight loss, promoting blood circulation, improving body coordination, etc., but in the process of playing, due to the improper operation of many tourists, it will also lead to some security risks, that is, we often say the harm of fitness trampoline, so what should we do How to prevent the harm of fitness trampoline suppliers china.

As a trampoline manufacturer, the following rules should be followed:

 Check all parts of trampoline regularly

1. Bouncing surface inspection: whether there are cracks and off-line on the jumping surface, and whether the splicing of Velcro is not correct or aligned;

2. Spring inspection (use times of 300000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; under the static state of spring, the spring can continue to be used without stretching, and if there is stretching opening, the service life has expired and needs to be replaced;

3. Trampoline cushion: whether the surface is damaged or cracked, whether the tailoring is off-line, whether the sponge inside the soft bag is displaced (open the zipper to rearrange and put it neatly), whether the soft bag and Velcro seam are not aligned (if there is movement, do not align, paste and align again, pull neatly).

4. Sponge pool: clean up once a month, remove all the sponge blocks, clean up the dirt on the bottom, and scrub the protective pad under the pool.

5. Steel frame inspection: whether the screw at the fixed position is loose and whether the steel pipe is broken.

6. Seine: whether the net is loose or broken.

7. Between wall and equipment: check whether there is wall material falling off at the link.

 Regularly disinfect and clean trampoline surface and trampoline mat

1. Disinfection: ultraviolet radiation can be considered for sterilization.

2. Wipe with a wet towel: if there is a stain that needs cleaning solution, it is better to use no bubble. The towel needs to be wrung and scrubbed to prevent the tank from being soaked and causing the growth of harmful bacteria such as mould in the inner tank.

3 Replace the parts regularly (repair and replace the parts in case of any abnormality).

4 Trampoline steel frame bottom can not pile up sundries

5 Keep some parts in stock (e.g. springboard and spring)

6 Customers are not allowed to play with hardware and sharp objects (such as keys, etc.) when entering the site

Conclusion: operators need to take further safety measures for the equipment according to the actual situation while no potential safety hazard is found. We can develop a cycle of detection methods and records according to our own passenger flow, and develop good inspection habits.

For tourists, we need to formulate corresponding play rules to ensure that tourists do not violate the rules, and timely prevent and prevent possible safety accidents. The specific rules are as follows:

1. When entering the trampoline area, please remove jewelry, necklaces, earrings and other foreign matters; it is forbidden to leave long nails or wear glasses; girls need to bind their hair with rubber bands (do not use hairpins), so as not to hurt themselves during exercise;

2. Children under the age of five must be looked after by their parents or guardians; otherwise, it is forbidden to play in the trampoline area; it is forbidden to support the net or soft bag of trampoline with hands to avoid sprain or fracture; when jumping and falling, try to land on your feet to avoid other parts from falling;

3. Please do not enter the trampoline area with shoes. For a good experience, we recommend you wear professional trampoline antiskid socks. You can buy them at the front desk cashier.

4. Please don't leave your mobile phone wallet and other valuables in the lockers. If you bring them into the trampoline area, you will not be responsible for any loss due to improper storage.

5. It is strictly forbidden to bring fragile articles such as glass, all kinds of containers, drink bottles, sticks, sharp objects and similar articles into the trampoline;

6. When the body loses balance, please protect your wrist, ankle and waist. In the predictable range, try to contact the net surface with your buttocks and back. It is absolutely forbidden to support the net surface with your hands. If you do not have professional training, you can't bounce too high.

7. One person is allowed to play on a trampoline. It is forbidden to rest or sleep on it.

8. After drinking, people with hypertension, heart disease, arm and leg injuries that are not suitable for such sports are strictly prohibited to enter. They should conceal all accidents caused by their own physiological diseases and bear the consequences at their own risk. Except for the assistance provided by this place, they will not bear any responsibility;

9. It is strictly forbidden to chase and play, push and pull, hit people, turn somersaults and high difficulty movements without permission in the trampoline. After repeated persuasion and stop by on-site staff, the person can be cleared out of the trampoline area for the safety of other personnel;

10. Please don't climb over the guardrail, and do not throw objects into the trampoline, the rest table and the trampoline outside. There are special garbage bags and garbage cans inside and outside the trampoline;

11. It is forbidden to bring controlled knives, inflammable, explosive and corrosive articles into the trampoline, which may endanger the public safety of the venue and are prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations. Otherwise, it shall be reported to the public security organ for severe punishment;

12. This trampoline park is an indoor public place. Smoking is strictly prohibited for your and others' health;

13. When children are practicing trampoline, parents or guardians should not leave around the trampoline to prevent their children from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.

As long as our operators and tourists abide by our relevant regulations and play games in accordance with the norms, we believe that we can minimize the harm of fitness trampoline in the trampoline Park, so that every tourist can be happy and enjoy themselves. Here, I would like to remind you that before investing in trampoline Park, we also need to make further communication and understanding with the equipment manufacturers. For example, we need to choose the beveled edge as far as possible, which can greatly avoid hurting tourists. We must not lower the requirements because of the higher cost of beveling, so as to avoid regret.