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How to arrange the proportion of trampoline Park venue and personnel?

2020/06/05 09:56
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Trampoline Park, as a new industry in recent years, has developed rapidly, which has become the golden age of current development.

With the arrival of traditional trampoline Park, trampoline manufacturers have added many different equipment projects to strengthen the innovation mode of the whole venue. Because of the controllable area and diversified operation of trampoline Park, many investors choose trampoline investment projects.

But since trampoline park became popular in China in 2013, it has grown from tens of square meters to thousands of square meters. After the investigation by the staff of Liben amusement park, most of the trampoline parks have an area of more than 1000 square meters. The larger the area of the venue, the larger the investment. However, in terms of the richness of the items in the trampoline venue, it must be related to the rate of return.

At the same time, for investors, the proportion of trampoline venue and personnel is also a very important thing.

Trampoline site selection

The location of trampoline venue is the key to affect 70% of the venue's profits, so the advantages of the venue must be different from other projects. First, we need to understand the surrounding market environment and grasp the development status of the industry.

When choosing a trampoline site, we need to consider the proportion of population structure. The proportion of trampoline site and personnel is very important. Investors may work harder in the early stage. They need to investigate communities, schools and business centers within 5 kilometers. At the same time, the development of relevant industries around the venue and the distribution of people flow need to be understood.

Internal requirements for trampoline venue

Because indoor projects need to have certain sensitivity in people's visual effects, the height and area suitable for trampoline venue is the most important.

The clear height of children's trampoline park should be more than 4 meters, because most of the 4-16-year-olds are about 1.6 meters tall, plus the height of trampoline installation and the height of jumping and playing items, 4 meters is the best. Due to various pressures and height requirements, adult type venues need a clear height of more than 5m.

Trampoline staff proportion

How to allocate the proportion of trampoline venue and personnel?

According to the indoor floor area of trampoline Park, the staff needed for the venue is estimated. Generally speaking, the front desk service of a 1000 square meter trampoline hall needs 2 people, 2 cleaning personnel, 5 staff and security personnel, and 2 professional coaches. And the working arrangement of each staff can be set according to the requirements of the venue.